By Nick

28th November 2018

“We cannot decide to love. We cannot compel anyone to love us. There’s no secret recipe, only love itself. And we are at its mercy–there’s nothing we can do.”

― Nina George

When it comes to The Royal Family, we as a nation eagerly anticipate news of weddings, births and occasionally…divorces!

While it seems as though most members of The Royal Family are getting snapped up by eligible suitors who they seem to be blissfully happy with -this wasn’t always the case.

It might surprise you to know that there was a time William and Kate’s relationship was on the rocks and Prince Harry just couldn’t find the right woman, no matter how many he reportedly slept with!

From old flames to scandalous extra-marital affairs – and potentially illegitimate children -The Royal Family have been through it all!

If you’re dying to find out who these mystery men and women are, that once stole the hearts of the heirs to the throne -and we know you are- then wonder no more…

Prince Harry’s Colourful Love Life

Before setting down with Suits star Meghan Markle, Prince Harry was a bit of a wild spirit – who seemed impossible to tie down!

1. A Drunken Fling With Cassie Sumner!

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Back in 2004, when Harry was just 19-years-old, it was rumoured that he had a one-night stand with model and actress (he certainly has a type!), Cassie Sumner.

The star shared her very detailed story in a newspaper interview, although Harry himself has never commented on the drunken scandal!

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