By Emma Moylan

20th November 2018

Who knows the dirty little secrets of celebrities better than the (lucky/unlucky) people who are permanently glued to their sides?

Their other halves? Their family members? Their dearest friends? Nope… their bodyguards, of course!

Having sworn an oath to protect celebs from harm, they guard the rich and famous from the most dangerous of all threats: screaming teens who want to fawn all over their perfectly buffed physiques (in that case – someone get on the phone to The Rock’s people ASAP, we better sort him two bodyguards).

But celebs can be quite the handful and bodyguards are only human…. so when enough is enough, the urge rises within them to spill their guts about all the naughty things that seemingly perfect celebs get up to behind the closed doors of their mansions.

Shoplifting, affairs and sperm donation – you won’t believe the deceit and betrayal these bodyguards have committed!

Britney Spears – The Naked Menace

Her former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, filed a lawsuit against her and called her a “naked menace” who often exposed herself to him!

Image Source

Apparently when he complained to his supervisor, he was told: 

 “You know you liked it.”

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