By Juliet Smith

29th November 2018

From tearful goodbyes, to whodunits, the heart-wrenching and the shocking…  soap exits are certainly memorable. Whether they’ve been shoved off a cliff (RIP Barry Evans) or slipped away quietly (we still miss you Hayls a.k.a Hayley Cropper), there’s never a dry eye in the house.

If you’re a soap fanatic, you’ll be kind of used to death by now – another soap week; another load of characters killed off. But no matter how many soap-star death’s you’ve seen, every once in a while a character will be bumped off without any notice and you’ll be left in complete and utter shock. Poor Joanie Dingle.

In the past few years alone, we’ve been forced to say farewell to the likes of Kylie Platt, Hayley Cropper and Peggy Mitchell. If time is the best healer, why can we STILL not move on from these traumatic soap-star deaths? Get your tissues ready…we are about to relive them all over again.

1. The fall of Barry Evans

Even for the devious Janine, pushing her unsuspecting hubby off a cliff was a pretty savage move. And for a minute, we thought we could see regret in her eyes…

But Janine did what Janine does best – smirked, showed no remorse, casually walking away to leave poor, old Barry for dead.

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