By Juliet Smith

16th November 2018

Everyone loves a celeb romance – the O.T.T. weddings, the sloppy PDAs and the bizarre baby names (seriously, Apple is a fruit, NOT a name). So, it’s always a sad moment when you hear that yet another celebrity couple has made the decision to part ways.

With Bennifer (JLo and Affleck) breaking up in 2004 (it still feels like yesterday *cries*) and the heart-breaking recent news of Brangelina’s split, it seems as though the dream of a long-lasting celeb couple is fading right before our eyes.

And let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a healthy divorce. The pressure of paperwork, money, kids (you name it) can quickly turn a good-natured separation into an extremely hostile state of affairs.

So, when you throw in intense media coverage, two celebrity egos and a net worth too high to even comprehend, things are heading in the direction of a complete and utter train-wreck.

Here we are, once again, killing your curiosities: get comfy, grab a cuppa and (shamelessly) revel in the imperfect lives of our favourite celebrities…

Get the hankies ready…

From cheating allegations to ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, very little escapes the media’s watchful eye.

1. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: What could possibly go wrong?

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Throwing it back twenty years to one of the most iconic couples in the Hollywood industry.

They had money, they had fame, they had kids. It seemed that they had everything – and it still fell to bits. Why?

With fundamental differences in the couple’s beliefs (we’ve all heard of Tom’s strange Scientologist ideology), fractures began to show in their relationship and before the public could make further speculation, the couple announced their imminent separation.

2. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: The cliché of all clichés

Image Source

Amidst the couple’s oh-so-happily-married social media personas, rumours of Ashton’s affair with young actress Sara Leal made its way into the lime-light, crushing our hopes of a celebrity couple being actually happy.

Following the outing of the affair, Demi became aware of further accusations about her cheating husband and the marriage abruptly ended. *Sigh*

3. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt: You crushed our hearts, Brad

Image Source

We all know the story, but let’s re-live it one more time and break our hearts all over again.

After five years of marriage and lots of perfect white smiles, Brad’s eyes (and hands) became distracted by his stunning co-star Angelina Jolie.

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