I'm A Celeb 2018: How Much Are They Getting Paid?

By Cara Dudgeon

21st November 2018

Is there anything funnier than watching your fave stars gawk, gag and vomit? For those minxs out there who’s dirty minds have inevitably gone into overdrive/off on a highly inappropriate tangent, get yourselves together – we are, of course, talking about I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Heeeeeeeeeere!

Night after night, we tune into the most highly anticipated show of the year; the show can be described as nothing but a winter saviour – simultaneously keeping our November blues at bay whilst inviting the beginning of our premature Christmas countdown.

As much as we all love to laugh at the poor celebs’ expense, the underlying thought that is burning away in the back of our ever inquisitive minds: I could SO do that trial (and nail it, at that).

So yes, you have mentally transported yourself to Aus, you’re sat around the campfire waiting to hear which horrific Bushtucker trial awaits you – the only thing left pondering in your jungle obsessed mind: how much dingo dollar am I being paid for this torture?

Well, unfortunately, as you are NOT a celebrity, we couldn’t possibly put a price tag on your worth – however, fortunately we do have quite a few price tags on the heads’ of the celebs who have entered the jungle this year, and we’ve got to say: they aren’t too shabby…not too shabby at all!

John Barrowman

Best known for his role as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood and as a TV presenter – John Barrowman has well and truly made his entrance in to the jungle! He is hoping to be the first ever King and Queen of the jungle. As he is such a big name (for jungle stars, anyway) it’s been rumoured that he could get a six figure sum – word on the grapevine is that he is being paid up to £200,000! Not bad for a Panto Queen, if we do say so ourselves, darling.


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How much is John worth?

One of the fan favourites, John is said to be worth £3.1 million! His millions (literally) are not just from his acting roles, but from his numerous albums and two memoirs – Anything Goes and I Am What I Am. With his husband Scott Gill, the pair have homes in London, Cardiff and Palm Springs. As you do.


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Well well well, what do we have here?

After a recent Comic Con, Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler in the Doctor Who universe (the woman on the right if you hadn’t cottoned on already) posted this pic on her insta. I wonder what Scott, John’s husband, thought of this?!


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