20 Most Haunted Places In The UK!

By Tanny Hossain 5 years ago
not gather up my courage and visit the most haunted places around the UK (like some of you daredevils out there).

If I wanted to experience horror...well, we have all sorts of things for that right?

Films, tv shows, nightmares, nearby church bells ringing at ungodly hours of the night and creepy kids knocking on our doors demanding sweet treats...

But, understandably, not everyone likes staying inside with knees tucked up to their chins under blankets, desperately making sure toes aren't sticking out in case the demons get us...

For those of us who don't like riling up the spirits on purpose, we're perfectly okay reading about them in the safety of our homes; so, without further ado I give you the most haunted places in the UK...

20. Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

Since we're counting down to the most haunted places, this first one is a little more cheery...

Books glorious books

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The former resident of this place, William Windham III was a book lover and most of the encounters happen with him.

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And just in case nobody believed how much he loved books, he decided to run into a fire in 1809 and rescue some.

Heroic gesture

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Sadly, he was injured in the fire and bruised his hip - which led to a tumour and inevitably, his death.

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His last words (bless him) to his doctor were:
"I thank you; this is the last trouble I shall give you. You fight the battle well, but it will not do."

Heaven on earth

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William's ghost is apparently still seen in the library at Felbrigg, sitting at the table or relaxing in a chair. Not sure about you, but spending an eternity that relaxed sounds perfect!

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