By Lucy Cooper

28th November 2018

We’ve all considered it as some point, haven’t we? Dropping everything and jetting off to the ‘island of loooove’: for a holiday of a lifetime, time off work and – of course – to find the love of our lives (if we’re lucky). And if that fails to occur, we will at least get a boohoo promo deal out of it, no?

When the show first kicked off, it really was just a golden opportunity to meet some new mates and have an extended, free holiday. A reality show which does have the underlying purpose of finding love – unlike Big Brother/I’m A Celeb/Strictly, where celebs are slated for finding themselves in romantic situations. But, nowadays Love Island has become so high profile that you’re bound to land home to a barrage of screaming fans, at least 34903 Instagram brand deals and a guy you can’t shake off.

Keeping your love-life behind closed doors? Yep, think again…

We’ve done some digging and rounded up some of the most iconic and memorable islanders and who they’re currently dating (trigger warning: most couples who met on the island are no longer, RIP Luis and Cally Jane </3).

So, sit back and enjoy reminiscing on some of the most iconic Love Islanders ever to grace our screens, whilst seeing whose baskets they’ve laid their eggs in (apologies)…

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