By Lewis Thelwell

28th November 2018

Well, we can all appreciate a good design but when that doesn’t happen, what we end up with is an epic fail upon our entire society because right now, this is how we are being represented! You heard me! When people from other places (extraterrestrials?) see this, they will wonder what kind of society we really are. Do we actually allow this sort of stuff to take place? Well, in these unique cases, yes! This is happening in our world today and many people get a kick out of it while others are just plain embarrassed to be human. Where do you stand?

Let’s get started

The implications are one thing, but why does his conversation bubble say that as well?

The Mickey Mouse Boy Door

Image Source

Somebody needs to fix this image as it is probably not the one that Disney wants to project.

To anyone just glancing at this, it looks fine but then you see it and realise…

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