By Lewis Thelwell

28th November 2018

We’ve all been there…a few double vodka cokes down the gullet and suddenly everything seems like a good idea.

We see a cute guy or girl at the bar and we’re not going to turn down another drink or a chance to mingle are we?

That’s what life’s all about – making new friends everywhere you go!

So we keep going until all we can hear is ringing and all we can see is the bottom of a toilet bowl…

Next thing, the deed is done and the sun is peeking through the curtains.


…we have nothing to wear except last night’s knickers…

You know what’s worse than doing the walk of shame? Being famous¬†and doing the walk of shame…

The Walk of Fame has a new meaning!

Let’s see these unlucky stars in all their glory, shall we?

Blake Lively – America’s sweetheart

Now part of one of Hollywood’s biggest power couples, back in the day Blake Lively wasn’t married to the lovely Ryan Reynolds.

How does she still look so good?

Image Source

The star had a short-lived romance with hearthrob actor Leonardo DiCaprio and the pair were papped living it up in France.

The beauty strutted through the streets donning a cute white dress from the night before, with her head held high and looking as glam as ever.

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