By Georgia Keenan

28th November 2018

Every office has got one: the office fitty – the one you can’t make eye contact one, the one you blush in the company of and the one you may or may not have inappropriate dreams about.

Now, imagine that feeling x1000000. Let’s face it – we back ourselves 100% – but celebrities are in a whole other realm of attractiveness, so it is hardly surprising that they (like us) sometimes let their eyes be lead astray by rather fetching co-workers. The only difference being, they do not have the luxury of the unspoken rule we mere, non-celeb mortals abide by: ‘what happens in the office, stays in the office.’

It would seem that spending countless hours together each day in fictional worlds with extremely attractive co-stars can really mess with celebrities heads (and their marriages).

We don’t doubt that their crazy schedules make it hard to maintain a strong relationship with their spouses, but cheating right under their noses? Now that’s just down right uncalled for (if Jennifer Aniston can get cheated on, there truly is no hope for any of us…just saying).

But it doesn’t matter what we think, or even what their partners think, because there are plenty of celebs making this shocking ”mistake” as we speak -maybe not as we speak, but you get the point, right?

Even some of the biggest names in Hollywood are guilty of trading in their marriages in order to be with their co-stars. Yes, we’re looking at you Brad Pitt!

We will never forget the sordid love triangle between the Hollywood stud, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston -and we know you won’t either -but this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

If you want more proof that red carpet romances aren’t always picture perfect, then allow us to burst that bubble…

1. Brad Pitt…

Brad and Angelina were once known as Hollywood’s favourite power couple -but the story of how they got together isn’t one they’ll want to relive at family parties! Why is that? Well, it turns out Brad was a married man when he first laid eyes on the Maleficent star!

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