Celebrities That Died In The Most Bizarre Circumstances

By Claire 5 years ago

''It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.'' -Marcus Aurelius

For the most part, Hollywood icons manage to live full and luxurious lives -with the exception of some drama of course.
But sometimes, things can go horribly wrong and over the years, we have watched as some of our most treasured stars be cruelly plucked from life in the strangest of ways.
In some cases, these celebrity deaths have been so shocking that they have outshone the work they did when they were still alive!
While you will undoubtedly be aware of the unusual circumstances surrounding Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston's deaths - there are still plenty more stories that you are yet to hear.
From wildly bizarre deaths like falling on a wine glass or choking on a bottle cap, to the gruesome and violent obsessive stalker cases - we've covered it all.

Join us as we take a look at some of the strangest celebrity deaths...prepare yourself, some of the following is both harrowing and heartbreaking.

Accidental Deaths...

Drugs and alcohol play a huge role in the mysterious deaths of celebrities...but they aren't always the direct cause of death.

1. Tennessee Williams: Death By Bottle Cap?

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Famed for his work on ''A Streetcar Named Desire,'' Tennessee Williams is arguably one of the most iconic playwrights to ever have lived. Unfortunately, his death was memorable for all the wrong reasons...
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In 1983, Williams was found dead in his New York hotel suite - after being examined, it was discovered that he had asphyxiated on an eye-drops bottle cap. He was 72 years old.

2. John Belushi: Mysterious Overdose

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American comedian and half of the Blues Brothers, John Belushi, was also found dead in his hotel room. The star died from an overdose of heroin and cocaine!
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A former ''Saturday Night Live'' writer testified that Cathy Evelyn Smith had injected Belushi with drugs several times in the hours before his death. She served just 15 months in jail for her crime.

3. Jon-Erik Hexum: Russian Roulette Gone Wrong

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In 1984, American model and actor, Jon Erik Hexum died after accidentally shooting himself with a blank cartridge on the set of the CBS television.
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