By Juliet Smith

25th November 2018

Let’s be honest, now and again, we all dream of being a celebrity.

Living in LA mansions with indoor swimming pools? Attending red carpet events wearing all Alexander McQueen everything? Sipping Chateau Margaux in swanky roof-top wine bars? Urm… yes please!

But when it comes down to it, the life of an A-lister is a lot harder than it looks.

With an exhausting weekly schedule and the pressure of the media’s watchful eye, the celeb lifestyle is certainly not all champagne cocktails and designer gear.

And as if being rich and famous wasn’t enough, many celebs have decided to make their lives even more hectic by starting up their own businesses.

From Gemma Collins trying her hand in the fashion world, to George Clooney flogging Tequila – the business industry is (very much to our ignorance) heavily populated with famous faces hoping to sell you their latest products.

Beyoncé has a what business?!

With a celeb income AND their own business, these celebs are laughing all the way to the bank (if they ever find the time!).

1. Beyoncé: Anyone for a plant based protein bar?

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With a three young children, a reputation as the ultimate Queen of pop AND a vegan delivery company – when does Beyoncé sleep!?

In her latest venture, the singer has teamed up with her nutritionist – Macro Borges – to come up with ’22 Days Nutrition’ – a vegan delivery service.

And with the incentive of an hourglass figure like Queen Bey’s… whatever she’s selling, we’ll take ten!

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