By Amelia Slater

19th November 2018

It’s that time of the week again girls!

You find yourself perfecting the art of contouring in your mate’s bathroom mirror (not very successfully) and as you curse at the mascara smudges on your eyeshadow, you take a sip of wine and screech: ‘What time are we heading out?!’

Alas, no one can really hear you – they’re too busy singing along to Wannabe by the Spice Girls.

Sound familiar?

This is the first stage of every girl’s night out in the UK. What follows typically involves: a lot of alcohol, emotional breakdowns, fights, love squabbles and eventually the best part –  garlic bread in bed. The dream.

But what happens across the pond? Do New Yorker girls have the same drama? Take a number 1 in public? Love a takeaway more than their own family?

Let’s take a look at UK night outs vs US nights out and see who comes out looking class…or crass!

1. Natural tan vs fake tan

American girls seem to have a natural glow about them – no fake tan is needed.  They can get their legs out at any time of day without looking like a pair of giant wotsits!

Image Source

Look at how glam Adrienne Bailon looks? Slick tan, glittery dress, heels, even the pose…this is a night out look done right.

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