60 Of The Dirtiest Towns In The UK

By Rhiannon Philps

6th November 2018

Living in the city is never boring: there’s always something to do! Shopping, cinema, coffee, nights out, meeting with friends, and maybe the occasional spot of sightseeing. It’s safe to say towns and cities have a lot more going on than a small village in the middle of nowhere!

But all this must come at a cost (doesn’t everything!) Along with all these attractions comes people, and with the people comes cars, litter and general waste.

Whether it’s in the air, on the street, or even in our homes – our towns are filled with dirt.

But who are the culprits in the UK responsible for the most dirt? Have you sneakily dropped some chewing gum on the pavement, lobbed a cheeky Maccies carton out the car window or even left an armchair by the side of the road? If so, you may be the reason your town is on this list…

Dirt is in the air…

Most of these towns are just as dirty in the air as on the ground. So really there’s no escape from it!

60. Wrexham

Image Source

It doesn’t look like the dirt situation will improve in this North Welsh town any time soon!

Residents have urged the council to leave the firm they employ to collect litter fines, saying they’re not dealing with the litter problem effectively. You could say they’ve been a bit…rubbish.


59. Blackpool

Image Source

People in this seaside resort seem more concerned about having a good time than picking up their empty bottles and half-eaten kebabs!

On the positive side, Blackpool has recently cleaned up its act so the beach and sea water are much less polluted than they used to be!

58. Banbridge

Image Source

It may only be a little town in Northern Ireland, but the amount of air pollution it creates is getting very close to the limit set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Better keep those cars in the garage and get cycling/walking!

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