By Nick

28th November 2018

Imagine you’re going to take a picture of your loved ones on holiday, of a famous celebrity or politician at an event, or simply just a photo for a random stranger – the first thing we are innately programmed to do after taking a picture is quickly inspect it for our double chin, fat rolls and accidentally closed eyes: the last thing you expect however, is to catch something completely out of the ordinary in your snap…

What happens after we say cheese and the camera flashes? For the people who took the following photographs, they probably didn’t predict the answer to be a morbid, inexplicable and down right freaky one…but here we are my friends.

It’s no secret that tragedies happen, but most of us don’t expect them to happen within our sight, or more shockingly, on our camera lenses!

And with that being said, here is 60 haunting photographs that were taken just before a tragedy occurred. Buckle up, you’re in for an eerie ride.

There’s something in the air…

Tragedies happen when we least expect them. Well, at least we like to think so. But what if you could capture the last moment?

1) The Crew Of Space Shuttle Challenger

Image Source

This photo is the crew of the space shuttle Challenger getting ready to board the space shuttle. They look so happy and excited, right?

73 seconds into the flight, The Challenger broke and killed all seven crew members. No-one could have seen that coming!!

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