By Tanny Hossain

26th November 2018

It’s no lie that this current generation of kids know way too much for their own good! Yes, I’m looking at you, random ‘kid’ who just started secondary two months ago! (We use the term ‘kid’ lightly as the year 9 girl down the road in all her Mac glory definitely looks a decade older than us).

But what about when we were kids?

We were completely (okay, mostly) innocent and anything remotely sexual or grown-up would whizz past our tiny, innocent and pure little heads.

Back then, the internet was nothing compared to what it is now. Today, if something remotely out of place is shown on telly, you can guarantee there’s someone out there, pacing back and forth with a Twitter response packed, loaded and ready to go.

And the question pondering our lips: did we actually miss any inappropriate/sexual/adult-like jokes in our favourite films back in the day? And the even more important question: how have you still not clicked on to these raunchy jokes?

Apologies in advance, as we take a trip down memory lane and ruin your childhood whilst we’re at it…

Hook, line and sinker

We all saw that Sid’s toys were mistreated and looked like Frankenstein’s monster, but this is on another level…

1. The hooker in ‘Toy Story’

Image Source

Toy Story was (or is, since there’s a new film coming out) a childhood favourite. Admit it, you were one of the first ones queuing up to see Toy Story 4 even though you were all grown up! And you cried as well, didn’t you?

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows with those films though – the toy with long Barbie legs has a hook for a torso…put two and two together and you know very well what she is…

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