By Nick

28th November 2018

This medical drama is centered around a woman named Meredith Grey and her struggles throughout her time at Grey Sloan Memorial in Seattle but it also incorporates an entire team of doctors that she learns and grows with as well. Of course, Meredith is living in the legacy of her famous surgeon mother and this puts added pressure on her and her future achievements. Meanwhile, she works to deal with the relationships with those around her but this also adds to the stress of her life as she struggles to maintain her professional status quo. Therefore, we are often engaged in watching how this group of people react during life and death situations while putting personal feelings aside in order to focus on their careers. Now, let’s find out a lot more about this show that you probably didn’t know anything about, even after all of these years of being a die-hard fan:

1. The inspiration for this show came from the Discovery Channel.

Image Source

The Discovery Channel offers a wide variety of programming and one of things that often interested the creator of this show, Shonda Rhimes, were the operations that were documented. She found them very interesting because there was so much going on, both personally and professionally, during these moments and so this is what she decided to write up for ABC.

2. The female doctor shaving her legs in the shower.

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Apparently, Shonda was also impressed when a female doctor revealed the difficulty of shaving her legs at work in a hospital shower. These are the details that formed a story in her mind.

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