30 Slightly Strange Things British People Do With Their Food At Christmas

By Gabby

20th November 2018

For the month of December, we press pause on that summer bod (which – let’s be honest – we were probably never going to get anyway) and press play on consuming our own body weight in alcohol, chocolate, cheese and turkey *leguuuunds*.

Diets no longer exist and spending money we don’t have seems like the best thing to do with our days. We already come to terms with the fact that we’re probably going to pile on half a stone and be declared bankrupt by the time New Years Day comes around… but at least we have the memories to last a lifetime.

And you can’t deny – it’s all worth transferring the pounds straight from our bank account on to our waistlines…

1. ONLY eating pigs in blankets on Christmas day

Pigs in blankets: our favourite selection from the sausage department (for most of us).

image source

It’s not like there’s a law against having these any other day, but it just wouldn’t feel right at all.

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