24 Celebs Who Won't Be Leaving Any Inheritance To Their Kids

By Lucy Cooper

15th November 2018

Imagine this: your parents have all the money in the world; enough to stock their wardrobes with designer clobber; enough to buy a multi-million dollar mansion; enough to buy a private yacht – yet, when you ask/plead/beg for that new pair of trainers, they reply with a clear, basic and downright insulting NO.

Yes, they may have been blessed with enough money to buy a small, Carribean Island – but have they been blessed with generosity? Most certainly not.

It appears that the filthier rich these celebs are, the more desperate they are to keep their mind-blowing bank balances away from their kids and all to themselves. We all know a bit of money can go to straight to your head (we experienced this when winning that fiver at bingo the other week), so in an attempt to avoid plaguing the world with anymore spoilt brats, these celebs have gone the other way!

You may take the stance that these celebs are attempting to instil a bit of normality and work ethic in to their children, which can only be commended.

Resultantly, we’ve rounded up a list of those high flyers – whose kids won’t be getting a look in when they pop their clogs. Sit back and enjoy this nosy in to the finances of some of the most elite in the world…

1. Nigella Lawson

She’s one of the most recognisable celeb chefs on the tele, probably more so for bringing glamour to the kitchen than her cooking…

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Lawson was married to business tycoon Charles Saatchi, which combined with her own successful shows and cooking range,  leaves her with quite a hefty net-worth…

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