By Emma Moylan

11th October 2018

Peanut butter and jelly. Bread and butter. Posh and Becks.  

Some things are just better in pairs and it’s impossible to imagine a world where they’re not joined at the hip…and Golden Balls and Posh Spice are one of those duos.

Never far from the public eye, David and Victoria are the ultimate power couple with the picture perfect family that we are all (secretly) envious of.  

Cheating scandals, breaking the law, royal awards and fashion fever – The Beckhams have been through it all, so what is it that makes the two so famous? 

Well, the obvious reasons: David is handsome and Victoria is a Spice Girl. Obviously…

It’s really as simple as that…

But there is actually so much more to the Beckhams than first meets the eye.

1. They are worth more money than the Queen!

It’s obvious that the Beckham’s do not struggle for money, making ‘posh’ spice live up to her name, but they’re a lot better off than you might think.

Celebrity royalty

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In 2015, the ‘Beckham Brand’ was worth a jaw-dropping £470m. Not bad at all, David.

If this wasn’t impressive enough, their value was set to rise by around £30m to £40m each year. Alright for some, eh?

Philip, alert the corgis!

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Footballer David is even giving the Queen a run for her money (pun intended), as his fortune sets his finances above hers.

According to the Sunday Times Rich List in 2015, Queen Elizabeth II’s estimated fortune is £340 million.

What is the Beckham’s secret?

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The family’s earnings come from David’s football revenues (of course), endorsements and Victoria’s fashion label. Is there a way to marry in? Sign us up.

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