60 Things You Never Knew About The Human Body

By Olivia Morris

29th October 2018

The human body is quite the marvel, isn’t it?

It gets us from A to B everyday, and puts up with some tremendous strain whilst it’s at it. It enables us to walk and run, and to enjoy the best parts of the world using our fab five senses.

It’s capable of warning us when something’s wrong, being proactive to stop an illness from taking hold and fighting back with its own antibodies when things turn sour…(and no, that does not include hangovers guys).

There’s those parts of the body that you already know, no doubt: your brain, heart, legs, arms, chest, back… But you’d be absolutely astounded by the pure magic that goes on behind the scenes (or under the skin, as it were!). You probably know bits and pieces: how the body fights back against sickness, for example.

But how much do you actually know about this phenomenon that takes us from A to B? Read and weep guys, read and weep…

We bet you don’t know everything!

In fact, we bet that you’ll quickly become more and more astounded as we countdown the most amazing things about the human body…

60. Your sneezes are incredibly powerful

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Achoo! Oh, bless you. We’ve all experienced the phenomenon that is sneezing. Sneezing is a typical reaction after smelling something that irritates the nose.

You’ll often sneeze when in a dusty room, or when you’ve got a cold. But who’d have thought that your sneezes would clock in at a whopping speed of 100 mph? They’re incredibly powerful!

59. Your coughs pack quite a punch too…

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Nobody wants to experience that horrible sensation where you simply can’t stop coughing. It’s a chore.

Fortunately, coughing does have a purpose. It expels all that germ-infested mucus when you’re sick. And guess what? The speed of a cough is also an incredible 60 mph.

58. Lots and lots of bones

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Can you guess how many bones are in the human body when you’re first born? No? Well, it’s actually 270. But it doesn’t stay that way for too long…

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