45 Things You Didn't Know About The Female Body

By Gabby

30th October 2018

Hundreds of people across the globe spend thousands and thousands of dollars and pounds modifying the body we were blessed with – some in the most outrageous ways too (we’ve all seenJocelyn Wildenstein aka Catwoman).

On the other hand, the majority of people accept it with open arms and feel lucky enough to have a fully functioning body that carries us through decades of life.

But, something that many people struggle to come to terms with is the differences between the female body and the male body. We were all formed in the same way – so how can each gender differ so substantially?

Take a look at some of the most interesting things you can discover about the wonderful female body…

But, are there really many differences between the two sexes? 

Take a look at some of the amazing things you didn’t know about the female body…

1. One breast is always bigger than the other…

image source

There’s no denying we’ve all stood stark naked in the mirror giving our bodies a good look over.

But, whilst standing in our birthday suits did you ever realise that one of your melons is bigger than the other? Despite popular belief, this is an scientific fact. So girls – get used to it – your boobs will never be identical in shape or size.

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