30 Worst Paid & Most Random Jobs In The UK

By Ashleigh Morris

10th August 2018

Some people say that there are no good jobs anymore and others believe the opposite and blaming the difficulty of the job on the person performing it.

Honestly, there are some interesting and incredible jobs out there. However, these incredible jobs are slim pickings compared to the long list of terrible jobs people try so hard to avoid.

There are just some jobs out there that are hard work (quite literally), and some that are utterly disgusting.

These are the jobs not many people seek out to do, they just fall into these jobs.

Ideally, we should all be doing a job we love. However, taking a job because it’s something you enjoy and you’re actually good at is not always an option. To many people, it can seem pretty far-fetched.

If you’re strapped for cash and desperately searching for somewhere to work, these are the jobs you least want to do.

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