24 Slightly Strange Food Combinations Only British People Will Appreciate

By Angie 5 years ago
You can't beat a crisp butty, can you!

1. Crisp butty with loads of butter.

There's something about the salty butter mixed with the crisps that just goes so perfectly. The butter makes the barm a bit moister, you've just got yourself the perfect sandwich right there. You just can't beat a crisp butty when there's sod all in the house to eat and you're rough as toast.

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2. Chips and chip shop curry sauce.

Looks like a plate of sloppy shit really but that sloppy shit just tastes so irresistible and glorious. That first chip you put into your mouth is always the best and no chip shop curry sauce tastes as good as your own chippies.

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3. Jelly and custard.

Jam is possibly the most underrated thing in the entire world. Once you get past the age of about 12, you just completely forget that jelly exists. Those little jelly pots you get from Tesco are never enough, you've got to make it old school, in a bowl and leave it to set in the fridge and then you mush it all up and add custard to it. PER-FEC-TION.

4. Fish, chips, mushy peas and a pickle.

Errrr, who said this wasn't the best chippy tea in the world? Now, I know curry sauce is deliciously perfect, but it just doesn't go with fish really. Why not just add a pickle to the mix? Who ever came up with this idea is a genius.

5. Pizza and beans or spaghetti hoops.

This photo doesn't say much about British cuisine, but neither do any of the other photos. Microwave pizzas with beans are what it's all about when you can't be bothered to cook anything else.

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6. Jacket potato, cheese and beans.

Jacket potato and beans just wouldn't be right without a mound of cheese on top, would it! There's just something about meals that are covered in cheese and you've got to get the right amount of cheese to food ratio too.

7. Pizza with mayo.

Pizza with anything really. It's one of those meals that you should really eat on its own because of all of the sauce that's already on them, but they just taste so much better dipped in mayo or red sauce. Any sauce really, whatever you fancy at the time will taste good because pizza is life.

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8. Marmite & cheese sandwich.

Because why not? If you're not a fan of marmite then so be it, but I've got to tell you that you're really missing out.

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9. Chip barm.

Nothing will line your stomach better for a night out than a soft fluffy barm filled with beautiful carbs.

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10. Toast, butter and jam.

Toast and jam = GOOD. Toast, jam and butter = EVEN BETTER. The mix of salty and sweet is just divine and there is no better midnight snack on this earth.

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11. Fish finger butty.

Fish finger butties were the pinnacle of our childhood. This photo gives me serious nostalgia feels.

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12. McDonald's chips dipped in a milkshake.

Don't think there's a person on this earth who's been to McDonald's without dipping one of their chips into their McFlurry or even better their Milkshake. The mix of salt and sweet is just glorious and it makes your trip to McDonald's even better than it already is.

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13. Cheese on toast with Lea and Perrins sauce.

Just YUM. There's no better meal to eat when you're feeling ill and sorry for yourself. It's a taste sensation, as soon as you taste the melted cheddar cheese on in your mouth, you instantly start to feel better about everything and then comes the Lea and Perrins. That combination is just too good.

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14. Corned beef on a sarnie.

A special sandwich that everyone in Britain should have tasted. If your parents didn't make these for you in primary school then you seriously missed out. Corned beef on it's own just looks like crap, but when it's on a delicious peice of bread with a bit of red sauce on top...perfect.

15. Chips with an actual curry and naan bread.

Who knew just adding carbs with carbs with more carbs would taste so good? I mean, curry shouldn't really be mied with chips, but I don't actually think I can order myself a curry anymore without ordering myself a portion of greasy chips too.

16. Ready salted crisps with chocolate.

It shouldn't be nice, it really shouldn't, but it is and if you haven't already tried it then you need to get yourself to your closest shop & buy yourself some crisps and chocolate immediately.

17. Jacket potato and coleslaw.

Carbs on carbs, not the best for your waistline but when it tastes so good, who gives a shit if it's not your cheat day. Jacket potato and coleslaw is the perfect comfort food.

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18. Lemon curd on toast.

Perfect midnight snack, forget the jam, it's all about the sweet, delicious taste of lemon curd.

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19. Cheese and crackers.

Anyone who likes cheese and bread, you'll understand how good this picture looks. What I would do to have that plate of cheese & crackers in front of me right now. Covering your plate with a selection of delicious cheese and Jacobs crackers. What more could you ask for? Maybe a few pickles....

20. An egg and cress sandwich.

One of the ones you can get on the Tesco £3 meal deal. You can taste how unhealthy they are, but my god do they taste delicious. What is it about those sandwiches that make them so great? Take the cress away & it'd just be a shit egg sandwich, wouldn't it.

21. Apple crumble covered in custard.

It has to be custard and not cream. For all of you people out there who choose cream over custard, can I ask you one thing...are you alright in the head

22. Salt & Pepper chips.

Salt and pepper chips, another concoction which just appeared in all of our local chippies all of a sudden. And thank god they did, I can't go into a Chinese takeaway now without ordering a portion of these bad boys.

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23. Mushy Peas

Every single meal can be made 9 times better if you have mushy peas as a side.

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24. Chips and gravy (with cheese).

We all know that chips and gravy make the best combo. However, this is a typical 'north' thing. Any of us northerners will agree that if you've been down south there is NOWHERE you can get gravy for your chips.

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