11 Things Girls Growing Up In The 00s Had To Have

By Reiss Harrison 6 years ago

Here are 11 things that every single girl that grew up in the noughties just HAD to have!

Growing up in this era meant that we were obsessed with Spice Girls and doing weird stuff to our hair! But, this is what makes this era so embarrassing. We can all think of some things that we perhaps regret wearing - but no childhood would be a childhood without these embarrassing memories and moments.

There are tons of things that all of us needed when we were growing up in the 00's but we have chosen the 11 things that we know we all would have had at some point. If you didn't happen to have one of them, then we're pretty sure you would have had the rest!

1. The Spice Girls quilt

Who wanted this quilt? Answer: Everyone. This was something that every girl dreamed of having in their room because it'd just complete the whole look.

And by the whole look I mean all the magazine posters on the wall, the lava lamp, the Groovy Chick mini-fridge and of course the Lava lamp. Perfect combo for the coolest room ever. If you didn't have this quilt then you probably had the Bang On The Door bedcover to match the rest of the Groovy Chick gear around your room.

2. Sugar Magazine

Who remembers this classic magazine? I loved pestering my mum to get it for me every single week and it was only on the odd occasion when I got it.

This was the one that was best because it was when you had grown out of things like Girl Talk. Moving on to bigger and better things! Sugar magazine was definitely the way forward and was the best way to keep up with pop-culture.

3. A Claire's 'lucky bag'

WHO remembers buying one of these? There was nothing that you wanted to buy from Claire's so you settled for a lucky bag instead. The mystery of what you were going to find in the lucky bag was only part of the fun that came with it.

Then you'd total up how much you spent compared to how much everything in there was worth. You'd always end up with crap you didn't want but this was one of the most exciting things ever about going shopping with your mum.

4. This phone

Image result for nokia 7373

Every one of us had to have this phone. It was on every music video at the time and you were so jealous of everyone else who had it. This was one of the many upgrades we had after we had the Nokia brick as our very first phone. Some people moved onto Sony Ericsson Walkman's but most of the girls had to go for a pink number like this.

When you finally got it you were actually the coolest person ever. I loved this phone so much! I'm surprised it's still not popular. It's a shame phones like this aren't that popular today. Today's generation are too used to iPhone's and will never know what it's like to play snake on a keypad.

5. 'So..? Kiss Me' body spray

Who remembers refusing to spend more than a fiver on your scent? Because I do too.

This is why you got anything from this range from Bodycare. Then wore it with pride. This stuff smelt so so good and you kept it in your school bag so you could top yourself up all day long.

6. A Claire's charm bracelet

I remember the struggle of getting your mum to actually initially buy you one of these charm bracelets.

But, once you had one. They were the best. Then buying loads of different charms to put on them. I am so sure that they just rusted so easily though and I think that's why our parents were so hostile about buying us one. They must've known how cheap and unreliable they were but when we were younger, none of that mattered.

7. Stripey blonde highlights

This was just a complete disaster from the start. But, every girl had to get thick, blonde, stripey highlights on top of their head.

This just looked horrific. But it didn't stop about 60% of the female population getting this look. With their brown hair coming through the bottom. Gross. We spent a couple of our years with zebra stripes on our heads and we can't believe this was ever a look.

8. Going to any under 18's rave either as a school girl or in a tutu

This was just embarrassing. The place you went to would usually be called Ignite or Sol Viva and you would go on a Friday night at about 7pm-11pm. Going to an under 18's rave made you feel so exclusive and mature but it was what you ended up wearing that contradicted these feelings.

What you wore to this calendar event was vital. So, you and all your friends would opt for either school girls or anything neon - like tutus, glow sticks and leg warmers. So embarrassing... but we all did it! If we got the chance to do it again, we'd probably all do it the same.

9. Smirnoff Ice

We all had to have these as our drink of choice when going out to a friends house party. This thing was definitely strong enough for us all. Even if it wasn't a house party that you were attending, if you were going to the park on a weekend, you would try and get a few Smirnoff Ice's in.

It was either this, WKD's or VK's. Either way - it didn't matter what you had because you were just cool enough that you were allowed to drink alcohol. We made a lot of memories with these drinks!

10. Jacqueline Wilson's 'Girls in Love'

Image result for jacqueline wilson girls in love

Who remembers this book? We all had to read this when we were younger because we completely thought that we could relate to it.

There was a full series of these books... but this was the first and definitely the best. Jacqueline Wilson was the queen of writing teenage girl books and was every girls favourite author at some point of their childhoods. After reading this book, she definitely became my fave.

11. A pair of Ugg boots

No outfit in the world would be complete without a snazzy pair of Ugg boots. But obviously, not everyone could afford a pair of shoes this expensive.

This is where the rip-off ones were created. Who remembers when they'd walk that they would go into the actual shoe so you wouldn't even be walking on the soles? Oh and the Primark knock off ones that people wore too that were just as bad as the cheap nasty ones.

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