By Lucy Cooper

14th January 2019

There can be no denying that Walmart is a goddamn American institution. There are some of us who’d go further, however, and say it’s not just that – it’s a way of life.

Walmart is a symbol of American might, the grocery store to end all grocery stores, home to sights you won’t see anywhere else.

Some people, however, have a problem with Walmart. They ask: how can a chain of stores making almost half a trillion dollars a year be so trashy? They call it vulgar, cheap, full of lowlifes. Walmart, they say, stands for everything that’s so depressing about the US today.

These people are wrong. Walmart is a theatre of dreams, and an outlet for some of the finest characters you’ll ever hope to meet. This isn’t just America’s number one store – Walmart is America itself.

Are you ready for a few laughs?


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