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Jon Hamm - Porn set decorator


  • That's right! The dreamy Don Draper used to dress up sets for soft-core porn films in the nineties. Oooooer.
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Celebrity Jobs Before They Were Famous

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Have you ever wondered what your favourite celebs did back in the day before they were filling up your telly screens?

It seems hard to think that these golden studded, pearly whited stars were actually just working the grind like the rest of us!

Some of your poster guys and gals have worked in fast food joints, the classroom and even at the morgue!

Crikey, it’s a good thing we’ve got talent scouts isn’t it? These guys could have disastrously veered onto the wrong path…

Let’s take a gander at some of the weird, wonderful and shockingly mundane career moves these celebs have made! Brace yourselves, it might change your opinion of them forever…



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