Shocking Images From Inside Area 51

1. A Glimpse Of Area 51

Somewhere deep in the Nevada desert is a place that is called Area 51. This is the infamous US air base, which has become the centre of much controversy and conspiracy theories. It is hard to get so much as a glimpse of this station, being so heavily guarded.

2. A Large Square Building

It is where many believe that the military meet and communicate with aliens. The  military has owned this plot since before World War Two, and before Obama declared its position it had had never previously been pinpointed or acknowledged ever.

3. The Entrance To Area 51

The site is a detachment of California’s Edwards Air Force Base. It is hidden away between the mountains. And it is absolutely impossible for anyone without top-level security clearance to go to it, or even see it. But Tim and Tracy Doyle collected these photos using a far lens. They are avid alien hunters.

4. A UFO

And, they were successful. This UFO was spotted above the site. It was denied by area 51. But, people remain convinced, after all it looks like a UFO with no other rational explanation as to what it is. Many think it is confirmation that there are indeed aliens.

5. A Birds Eye View Showing The Lake And Landing Strips

Here is another look at area 52 which shows its many landing strips.Some claim it also has an air strip which only shows when water is sprayed onto it. Another theory is that it is so tight secret because they believe is used to develop highly focused energy weapons, which the US would not want its enemies to discover.

6. Use Of Deadly Force Against Trespassers

These signs strictly warn that trespassers are in danger and that nobody not permitted can enter the area. They could be creating weapons using powerful things such as radiation, lasers which they can use against trespassers such as drones to shoot them down due to the highly secretive nature of the work that takes place.

7. The Spy Planes Of The Cold War

There was theories that a spy plane in the 1980s was created and flown here. Chuck Clark is an area 51 fanatic and he claimed this video he took was that plane, over area 51. It had been denied but the 2013 official report on Area 51 revealed that it was indeed the location of the testing of U-2 spy planes for surveillance during the Cold War.

8. A Mysterious Structure

This is inside one of the hangers inside area 51. And it may be blurry but some people are sure that this is photographic evidence of a UFO inside it. Some people claim that they can see it. But due to the strict rules of keeping away photos have to be taken at such a distance there is no possibility to be sure.

9. A Look At The Lake

Here we get a closer look at the paths roads and landing strips inside area 51, as well as some random buildings dotted around – each section a different area of purpose/experimentation…and mystery. Photos such as these are rare glimpses into the secluded area.

10. A closer look at the site

This photo, again a far away sneak peak into area 51. In the photo we can see that the vehicles have been circled. They appear to be cars or SUVs. They can be seen driving around roads and runways on the military base. Thousands of people come to Nevada every year in the hopes of seeing what really goes on inside.

11. The Mountain Peaks In Area 51

There are two twin peaks as shown. And, to be able to see Area 51, avid alien hunters or area 51 fanatics have to climb the 8,000-foot-high Tikaboo Peak. From there, they have to look over another ridge with brilliant telescopes and zoom right in to see.

12. Another Look Into The Entrance Site

This photo was taken in 2019, and it is a similar view of the entrance however it has changed. This was taken by David Becker, who got as far as this. Of course, anybody else would never be allowed within its high fences and impenetrable forces – not that people don’t try.

13. Extreme Weather Control

There are rumours that a section of area 51 dedicated creating extreme weather forces and that can allow them to modify weather conditions. Some think that the idea is ludicrous but the United Nations have actually banned it into coming into fruition.

14. Plotted On The Map

As we know for a long time area 51 was never plotted on a map so that nobody could know exactly where it was. But since Obama revealed due to secrecy decrees, we now know that it is Groom Lake in the Nevada Desert, 85 miles (135km) north of Las Vegas.

15. Two Expectant Visitors

This is a photo of Tim and Tracey Doyle, who are by their own admission, devoted UFO Seekers. They climbed to the top of Tikaboo Peak so that they could see the Army base. This place is roughly between the two mountains, near the town of Rachel, which is often visited by UFO hunters.

16. The Vast Area

This shows just how remote the plot of area 51 is. The nearest town is 25 miles away. This of course is to ensure that any goings on here are shrouded in secrecy, and so that nobody can see what goes on here even from a distance. So that people cannot penetrate the area.

17. This Photo Was Claimed To Be Taken By An Area 51 Engineer

This photo clearly shows some kind of Unidentified Flying Object being worked on by multiple people. The person who claimed to have released this photo is an alleged former technology engineer who worked there claimed that they were working with a race of aliens.

18. Another Strange Object That May Be From Area 51

Again, this is reportedly from area 51. Although how this photo got leaked or how someone was unable to take it is a question in itself. Another question is…what is this? It looks like some kind of UFO combined with a helicopter and somebody is stood on it working on it.

19. One Of The Hangers Close Up

This is one of the closest and clearest pictures we have. We can clearly see one of the SUVs parked right next to one of the hangers. Meaning, that whatever going on in this hanger is in operation and currently being worked on right as this photo was taken.

20. It Is Highly Guarded

This is the reception you are greeted with when trying to get inside area 51. And, this is just the perimeter. Even closer everything is extremely strictly guarded and not just with people. This person has got as far as they are able to before being turned away.

21. People Still Try To Visit

And again this girl has come to the outskirts of area 51. She is posing for a photo as you can get a glimpse inside some of the area and notice the signs firmly discouraging against trespassing. This is as close as anybody without top security clearance can get.

22. The Hanger For The UFO?

A UFO hunter claims that this hanger has been built specifically around a 30 metre UFO that is being built inside area 51. In fact he claims that as of 2011 he discovered what they were building, and this is when they decided to build a hanger around it to protect it from view and keep it secret.

23. What Is This?

This was spotted on google maps inside area 51. What exactly it is…nobody knows for sure. All we do know is that it is not like anything we have ever seen before. Whether it is built into the ground or flat it is hard to tell. It looks pretty ominous…

24. A Glimpse Through The Binoculars

This is a close up view of inside area 51. Although it does of course not show us what is happening inside, it shows us closely the structures inside which we cannot see without high quality zoomed lenses. Or which we cannot see by visiting the entrance or sides of area 51.

25. Target: Area 51

Again this picture shows another person who has climbed to a vantage point in order to zoom in and photograph the notorious area 51. And, it was also a target of a Facebook group which started as a joke and then grew. This group made an event called storm area 51 where they planned for thousands to storm it.

26. More Area 51 Evidence

Now this does look strange, it is above area 51 and it does seem to look like a UFO. It also looks almost like a person suspended in mid air. What we do know is that whatever it is, if it has been made in area 51 it is top secret and will never be revealed.

27. All In Formation

What we can see here is just how large of an organisation is going on here. It is not just a few hangers but the area is huge and there are numerous hangers, buildings and structures. Each and every one of them are doing something unknown and highly secretive.

28. Holes in The Earth

This is a huge hole, again it is reported that this is inside area 51. Whether or not this is true cannot be confirmed. Any information about area 51 is shrouded in secrecy. It looks like something has dropped into the earth to form round holes which have displaced the earth.

29.  Area 51 In The Past

Hence the picture being in black and white, this is a photograph of area 51 from the past. As we can see the layout is very similar. But, it is smaller. Which means that area 51 is continuously growing, and the projects there are getting larger still.

30. An Eery View Of Area 51

This is an old photo of area 51 and the black and white grainy quality of the picture makes it seem even more eery. There is definitely something creepy about this place and something that draws you in. It is no wonder so many people are fascinated by it.