30 Insane Moments from TLC’s Extreme Couponing

1. Hardworking mother Kelly works hard at something else

Extreme Couponing at Night

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Kelly is a mum to three kids, which as you’d expect comes with a huge amount of work. Making dinner, cleaning the house… all that time really adds up. However, Kelly also had an incredible addiction to couponing – such an addiction, in fact, that she made it onto the show because of her weird habits.

2. Often staying up all night couponing

Kelly Extreme Couponing

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In fact, Kelly revealed that she is so addicted to couponing that she will often stay up late into the night searching for deals online. That’s right – after she’s put her kids to bed and her husband is asleep, she’ll stay up on her home computer until 2am most nights. She must not get must sleep…

3. And experiencing big FOMO

Extreme Couponing Kelly

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The reason she does this? Kelly actually experiences severe FOMO. Just the thought that she might be missing out on an insane coupon deal means that she can’t sleep. All of this means that even after she’s gone to bed some nights she’ll get up again as she can’t stop thinking about those deals. Insane, right?

4. Angelique should be at home

Angelique Extreme Couponing

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Angelique is another crazy extreme couponer that we met on the show. She always loved couponing but continues the tradition even though she now has one kid. And with another one on the way, that means that she has to go out of her way to make her grocery shopping cheaper.

5. But instead, she’s at the grocery store

Shopping Supermarket EC

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Now close to her due date, Angelique should be at home resting and preparing for the new arrival. In fact, her doctor has ordered her to stay at home and relax. But where is Angelique? At the grocery store, checking out the best offers and comparing them to her hundreds of coupons. Crazy!

6. Filling more than one cart with food

Supermarket Extreme Couponing

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Her husband is kind enough to get her a mobility scooter for her trips around the grocery store – but still, she shouldn’t be there at all. However, the family manage to fill an incredible three shopping trolleys full of food, and all for low low prices thanks to Angelique’s addiction to couponing.

7. And getting hundreds of sweets

Candy Extreme Couponing

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In one episode, we met up again with Angelique, who even after her second child is still the same old obsessive couponer. However, this time she wasn’t grabbing food for herself and her family, but for her local church. In fact, she managed to pick up 600 pieces of candy for nothing at all.

8. 40-year-old Judy calls herself the ‘Couponator’

Judy extreme couponing

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Judy is another example of someone who is way, way too obsessed with couponing. She loves it so much, in fact, that she has actually deemed herself – wait for it – the “Couponator.” It’s not a clever name, but it certainly tells you a lot about Judy and her addiction.

9. She spends way too long clipping coupons

Extreme Couponing Season 2

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For most people, getting up and going to the bathroom isn’t a big deal. However, that’s not quite true of Judy. She loves to spend hours and hours pouring over coupon deals and cutting out the best ones. And sometimes, that means she also doesn’t get up and go to the toilet for hours as well. What?!

10. And actually wrote a song about coupons

Judy's Rap Couponing

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Judy’s love of couponing actually goes even further than that. She loves her hobby so much that she wrote a rap about it. It’s not… great but it tells you just how much she loves saving money. She sings: “I am the couponator, straight out the couponation, busting out deals all across the nation.” You do you, Judy.

11. April goes to the supermarket way too often

April from Extreme Couponing

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April’s story is similar to Kelly’s – she’s a mother of six kids, so you’d think she’d have even less time for couponing than Judy did with her three children. Obviously, that’s not the case. Kelly actually spends an unbelievable six days a week at the supermarket looking for deals. Five of her children are homeschooled, though, so at least she doesn’t have to do the school run with them.

12. And she’s stockpiled so much food

Kelly and Baby Extreme Couponing

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Kelly’s obsession has meant that her couponing stockpile has grown to be massive. Today, she has hundreds of products including breakfast cereal, mayonnaise, and frozen food. She actually said: “It’s definitely an obsession. If I lose savings, I can’t sleep at night.”

13. Including her favourite possession

Kelly's Soap Extreme Couponing

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You’ll never guess what Kelly’s favourite item she’s stockpiled is. It’s not even a food item even. In fact, her most prized possession is dish soap. She has literally dozens of soap bottles, all organised by type and fragrance.“Not only were the soaps free, but I also made money,” she exclaimed.

14. Amy gets coupon-related gifts now

Amy's Valentines Gift TLC Extreme Couponing

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Amy and her boyfriend aren’t your standard couple. Oh no, because when Valentine’s Day comes around, Amy doesn’t get normal gifts like a bunch of roses or a box of chocolates. Actually, Amy’s boyfriend gets her coupon-related gifts. Like a big, red, three-inch binder for all of her coupons – which she said was the “best gift ever”.

15. Nathan has a huge stockpile

Nathan's Stockpiling

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Underneath Nathan’s house isn’t something normal, like a garage or a rec room, but a massive stockpiled collection of food and household items he got by couponing. His collection is massive and spans things like deodorant and body wash to frozen food and bottles of Pepsi.

16. Including a massive collection of one weird household item

Extreme Couponing Nathan

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Having one prized possession is actually quite normal for couponers. Think of it like collecting stamps or model cars. Well, for Nathan, his favourite item is his huge collection of toothpaste. What is it with extreme couponers and their obsession with random household objects?

17. You’ll never believe how little he paid

Nathan from Extreme Couponing

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Nathan’s collection is absolutely massive, and you’ll never believe how much it’s all worth. Yes, Nathan tells TLC’s Extreme Couponing that his stockpile is worth about $50,000 to $75,000 – but he only paid $1,000 or less for all of it. That’s more than the worth of a car, and it’s all in his basement.

18. The 17-year-old coupon-crazed teen

Cole Teenage Couponer

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Couponing is usually something you associate with people in their 30s or 40s right? Maybe they have a family, and they’re looking for ways to make things cheaper for them. Or, it’s a hobby for people who have retired. But that’s not true of Cole – a 17-year-old who absolutely loves couponing.

19. Who doesn’t care about girls

Cole TLC Extreme Couponing

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While other kids his age are going to parties and anxiously inviting girls to the prom, Nathan would prefer to spend his time looking for the best deals. We won’t judge anyone but… this is a weird hobby for a teenage boy to have, right?

20. And goes dumpster diving?

Cole Dumpster Diving Extreme Couponing

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“There’s nothing I won’t do to save money,” Cole says. Fair enough, but dumpster diving, really? Yep, that’s right, after school when kids his age are playing video games or going out, Cole puts on his most inconspicuous clothing and goes dumpster diving to search for deals. This is definitely one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen on Extreme Couponing.

21. Jeff teaches his son about couponing

Jeff Extreme Couponing

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For Jeff, extreme couponing is a family affair. His father has been doing it all his life, which means Jeff inevitably picked up the hobby, too. And now, Jeff is teaching his son the ins and outs of couponing and how to get the best deals. Just don’t forget to teach him normal stuff like math, okay Jeff?

22. As a math lesson

Math Lesson TLC Extreme Couponing

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Oh – it looks like Jeff has that covered too. To turn couponing into a proper school lesson, Jeff uses the principles of money-saving to teach his son basic math lessons. It’s definitely one way to get your kid interested in learning, but how useful is couponing to an eight-year-old really?

23. This guy sometimes sits inside his bunker of coupon possessions

Scott TLC

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Scott is a radio host, which means he spends a lot of time inside a room talking to himself (though presumably there are listeners somewhere). Even weirder, he seems to enjoy alone time at home, too. Apparently, his wife often finds him just sitting in his coupon-stockpile basement, staring at the shelves.

24. Katherine loves Black Friday

Kathering Extreme Couponing

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It makes sense for people who love couponing to also love Black Friday; it’s a once-a-year-only chance to score some of the best deals on incredible items. For Katherine, though, the obsession really goes too far. She said: “I had surgery two days before [Black Friday] and I still went.” Isn’t that a bit crazy?

25. And treats it as a mission

Extreme Couponing Katherine

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In fact, when Black Friday rolls around each year, she treats the day like a full-on mission. She uses her RV to get to the mall, and calls it her “mission center.” She uses an RV so that the whole family can be comfortable as they camp out in front of stores to be the first ones in.

26. She has a lot of one weird item

Katherine Stockpiling Toilet Rolls Extreme Couponing

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Katherine’s couponing stockpile has grown to $30,000 worth of stuff, including your classic extreme couponing stockpiled items like boxes of pasta, tissues, and toiletries. However, her weirdest item is her collection of 400 rolls of paper towels. There’s no way she could ever use that much.

27. But that’s not the weirdest stockpiled item on TLC

Stockpiling Extreme Couponing

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There are some extreme couponers who decide to stockpile really weird items. We’re talking weirder than dish soap or toothpaste. Yep, this woman has a fascination with buying dryer sheets for the tumble dryer. She says she loves it because it makes her stockpiling bunker “smell good.”

28. The woman who buys a whole cow to save money

Erin cow Extreme Couponing

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Erin takes her extreme couponing to a whole new level. Instead of buying meat from the grocery store every time she goes out, she makes huge savings by buying a whole car for a year’s worth of meat. In the end, she pays just $2 per pound of meat, so it may be a weird thing to do but it’s also really cost-effective.

29. Amanda spends a lot of time checking out deals

Amanda Extreme Couponing

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Most extreme couponers spend a lot of time on their hobby. But no one is as crazy as Amanda. She has a whole system for couponing, and often spends six hours at the grocery store just checking out which deals are available. Then, she’ll go home and check which of her coupons are valid and which will save her the most money. But, six hours? Really?

30. When these twins bought out all the floss

Twins Extreme Couponing

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For these identical twins, extreme couponing clearly runs in the family. However, one trip to the supermarket with their coupons in hand didn’t go entirely to plan. It turned out they had to buy more floss in order to get the maximum money off – but guess what? They had already bought out all the floss in the store already. Unbelieveable!