TV Gameshows We’ve Probably All Forgotten About

1. The Adventure Game

This is the game show that was a sort of sequel to The Crystal Maze. The story of the was that there was a planet called Arg and two celebrities and two members of the public would have to travel there on the space ship. Then, they’d have mission on the planet which would differ each time.

The Adventure Game (TV Series 1980–1986) - IMDb(Image Source/ IMdB)

2. Blankety Blank

Blankety Blank presenters | Current and past hosts of ITV game show | Radio  Times

Blankety Blank started in 1979 and you may not have realised…but it’s actually still running today. It was revived in 2021 because the show had been such a hit. The contestants in the game show have to try and match answers given by the celebrity panel to the questions with blanks in them.

3. Blind Date

BBC Archive on Twitter: "#OnThisDay 1979: Blankety Blank was first broadcast, hosted by Terry Wogan and his unusual microphone. First prize was a fridge. Have a go at this quiz featuring questions(Image Source/ Twitter)

The essence of Blind date is all in the name – three singles are introduced to the audience. Then an individual of the opposite sex who cannot see them but can hear them will ask them a question and depending on the answer will pick who they go on a blind date with. It was a huge hit at the time and there have been many spin-offs since.

4. Blockbusters

Every version of Blockbusters there's ever been | Den of Geek(Image Source/ denofgeek)

Remember Blockbusters from back in the day? It was a British tv quiz show where a solo contestant  and a team of two answer a series of trivia questions. They get given an initial letter and they then have to complete a pathway somehow across the board of hexagons.

5. Bullseye

When was Bullseye on TV, who was host Jim Bowen and how did the show help to catch serial killer John Cooper?(Image Source/ TheSun)

Bullseye…the nations favourite darts show. This game show features three lots of contestants, which would consist of an amateur and a quizzer. They would then have to compete in darts and quizzes to win cash prizes. The great thing about this show was you didn’t have to be a darts lover – it was suited for everyone.

6. Catchphrase

Just Say What You See!" 'Catchphrase' Set For a Return to our Screens |

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You may be thinking of course I remember Catchphrase, but we are talking about the ORIGINAL where it involved two contestants of opposite gender having to identify a familiar phrase by an animation. Yes it’s very similar to now. It’s continued due to its popularity.

7. Challenge Anneka

Catchphrase without N.Ireland's Roy Walker...It's good but it's not right! - LoveBelfast(Image Source/ LoveBelfast)

Let’s get nostalgic and look back at the tv gem that was Challenge Anneka. Anneka the host would call on the help of people and business to help her with projects around the world of those in need. The best thing…it’s being revived 30 years later and will be gracing our screens again. Result.

8. Family Fortunes

Family Fortunes - 1983 - Heather from Hull says 'prostitute' - YouTube(Image Source/ YouTube)

Family Fortunes started in 1980 and ran until 2002. That is until it was revived as of 2020 with Gino D’Acampo as the host. The game involves two families who provide answers to everyday questions. The top answers then appear on the board and the aim is to win cash prizes.

9. Fun House

Fun House could be making a huge comeback - including Pat Sharp and the twins(Image Source/ DigitalSpy)

Fun House was an iconic children’s TV show. There was a series of different games in which children had to compete in teams against one another…including the messy games round. This show is certainly a throwback that brings back lots of nostalgia.

10. The Generation Game

The Generation Game TV Show Air Dates & Track Episodes - Next Episode(Image Source/ NextEpisode)

The Generation Game was a clever British game show produced by the BBC and hosted by Bruce Forsyth in which there would be four teams of two people from the same family. But, the key was that the generations had to compete against one another to win the prize.

11. Jeopardy!

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We all loved this show back in the day. It was essentially a quiz competition where the contestants would be presented with general knowledge clues that were already in the form of answers, the contestant then had to work out the right question that produced it.

12. Knightmare

Stage adaptation of cult kids TV show Knightmare coming to Halesowen(Image Source/ Birmingham)

This tv show was the first of its kind it had a new concept and it was loved for that very reason. Contestants would explore a fantasy computer generated world. If anybody loved adventure or computer effects or even puzzles then this was the show for you.

13. The Price is Right

The Price Is Right (TV Series 1972– ) - IMDb(Image Source/ IMDb)

In the gameshow The Price is Right it is not the contestant trying to win the cash prize it is actually the audience. Let’s face it this show always had us hooked. The prizes weren’t just cash, they could be vacations or cars…it added a little more excitement into the mix.

14. The Pyramid Game

30 Amazing 100,000 Pyramid ideas | american bandstand, old tv, classic tv(Image Source/ Pinterest)

I’m sure we all remember The Pyramid Game. The Pyramid Game is made up of different categories, the higher up the board you get the more difficult the questions get. Two teams would compete against one another for the prize. This show always had us on tenterhooks.

15. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune (TV Series 1975– ) - IMDb(Image Source/ IMDb)

In The Wheel of Fortune the contestants have to solve the word puzzles. And, as is in the title the contestants spin the wheel of fortune throughout the show to determine their prizes. The contestants have to compete the round to be able to move on to the next one.

16. Who’s Line is it Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway?' returns with Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles | Source/ Entertainmentweekly)

Who’s Line is it Anyway was a TV game show that was created in 1988. There are four contestants on a panel. According to the judges and the audience they have to improvise and make up silly comedic acts or songs depending on what suggestions they get given.

17. All Clued Up

All Clued Up series 2 episode 7 TVS Production 1989 - YouTube(Image Source/ YouTube)

All Clued Up was a TV show where two married couples compete to solve word puzzles. This game essentially combined elements of our favourite games such as Scrabble. The key with this was watching at home and trying to be quicker than the person on screen.

18. Call My Bluff

Call My Bluff (TV Series 1996–2011) - IMDb(Image Source/ IMDb)

The game comprised of two teams made up of three. They had to guess the correct definitions to obscure words. Each team took turns to give three definitions, one true and two bluffs and so the other team had to try and find out which was correct. This one had us all sat guessing as we watched.

19. Does the Team Think?

Does the Team Think? (TV Series 1961– ) - IMDb(Image Source/ IMDb)

This was a parody show of Any Questions? The audience had to ask questions to the panel and the panel had to come up with the answer – the result was what got the most laughs. It was so popular that what was meant to be a short series ended up continuing for twenty years.

20. Sounds Like Music

Sounds Like Music s01 e01 part 1.f4v - YouTube(Image Source/ YouTube)

This show was aired in 1989 in the UK on ITV and then continued for another year. It wasn’t a standard name show, you had to name the song. For example guess which musical the song is from. This was a firm favourite for those who loved music.