Here’s What The Cast Of Tenko Look Like Now

1. Ann Bell – Marion Jefferson THEN

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Mario is the wife of an important colonel. She was a lady of high society mixing wit socialites and living a life of glamour. Then, she was taken to the prison camp and everything changed. She was an admirable character, a determined woman and natural leader.

2. Ann Bell – Marion Jefferson NOW

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Ann Bell is now 84 years old. Her last TV appearances was in 2010 for Doctor Who. She had two children with her late husband Robert Lang but he sadly passed away in 1971. She has been retired for a long time now and resides near her family.

3. Stephanie Cole – Dr. Beatrice Mason THEN

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Before being taken to the camp she had worked in a Singapore hospital and so she was already well acquainted with hard-ship and suffering. She was a stoic woman who had a stern manner and showed little emotion but she was invaluable at the camp in helping the women survive.

4. Stephanie Cole – Dr. Beatrice Mason NOW

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Stephanie Cole has an OBE as of 2005. Since Tenko she continued to be very active in her career. Fairly recently he was a star in Coronation Street where she won a British Soap Award in 2012 for her performance. She is not retiring yet and in 2019 she was a part of the BBC1 comedy Scarborough.

5. Clare Oberman – Kate Norris THEN

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Kate Norris was sent to the camp at a pinnacle moment just after her boyfriend had asked her to marry her. She’s a loud character and not afraid to share her opinion – which made her slightly unpopular with a couple of the characters. She longed to be reunited with her fiancé.

6. Clare Oberman – Kate Norris NOW

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Clare Oberman is a New Zealand, Dutch born actress. She is still most well remembered for Tenko despite having starred in a series of shows since then. She currently lives in London where she continues to act occasionally and write. Her last significant role however was in 2015.

7. Emily Bolton – Christina Campbell THEN

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Christina Campbell was a character who was half Scottish and half Chinese. In the camp, just as much of her life, she struggled with racism. Eventually the women learn to realise that racial prejudices should not get in the way and they end up bonded by their struggles against the invading army.

8. Emily Bolton – Christina Campbell NOW

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has not experienced the same fame as some of her co-stars. She did go on to star in Capital City where she played Sylvia Roux Teng. But, since then she was in mainly guest roles or uncredited roles. Now, she no longer acts she has instead become an agent.

9. Patricia Lawrence – Sister Ulrica THEN

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Sister Ulrica is a nun…and you would not want to mess with her. She had come to Singapore on a religious mission before ending up in the camp. She took the leader role in the camp and she does not let anything get in the way of her religious beliefs. Not even the war.

10. Patricia Lawrence – Sister Ulrica NOW

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Patricia Lawrence is well loved and remembered for her role in Tenko and for playing Ellie Herries in To Serve Them All My Days. She married Greville Poke in 1947 a writer and arts administrator and the two of them had two sons together. Sadly, she passed away in 1993 at just the age of 67-years-old.