Rare Uses Of Vinegar That You Might Not Of Heard Of Before Today

1. It Makes Great Flower Feed

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You probably won’t know this, but you can use vinegar to make great plant food to nourish your flowers. Now, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on plant food when this simple mixture will work just as well, maybe even better. Just add sugar and vinegar to water and you’re good to go!

2. It’s an AMAZING Eco-Friendly Weed killer

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There’s no need for harsh chemicals being sprayed all around your garden. It puts nasty things into the earth that can be consumed by animals or will feed into your plants. Instead, spray vinegar on your weeds it will kill them and also keep away any bugs that are eating your plants!

3. It Gets Rid Of Rust

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Rust stains are impossible to remove…or are they? Try cleaning your rusty metal with vinegar and it will clean up nicely. Plus, it’s cheap and you don’t have to buy some fancy rust remover from the shop. It will work especially well on your garden mower!

4. Brightens Your White Clothes!

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Who knew that all you needed to brighten your clothes was half a cup of vinegar? Sometimes you can buy all the products in the world and none of them even work – so switch it out for some vinegar. Of course, you’ll just need to rinse them through afterward.

5. Banish Clothes Creases

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Okay so you might not want to iron, after all, it’s a job that no one enjoys doing. So, mix a little bit of vinegar with some water and spray the clothes. Then, let it dry naturally in the air. The lines will be gone – but yes you may have a little bit of an acidic aroma left.

6. Clean Your Keyboard

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If you needed a cue to go and clean your dirty keyboard then this is it. No, you don’t need any kind of spray, just a little bit of vinegar and water and the dirt will come right off. Plus, get a cue tip and clean right in between the nooks and crannies of the board.

7. Get Rid Of Glue

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If you’ve ever spilled glue on something or not been able to get it off your skin, then all you need is a little bit of vinegar. You just need to put a little bit of vinegar on to let the glue soak right off. Now there is a remedy that we all needed.

8. Clean Out Your Kettle

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Your kettle naturally gets dirty and needs descaling every now and then. We don’t want to be pouring dirty water into our tea and coffee. If you fill the kettle with some vinegar and water just let it sit overnight. In the morning rinse it through well (no one wants vinegar in their morning brew).

9. Get Rid Of Drink Ring Stains

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Now, this is a vinegar use that everybody needs to know about. What do you do about those stubborn rings that appear from leaving your drink on the side (we all do it). Well now we know. Just wipe a little bit of watered-down vinegar over and it should disappear.

10. Get Grease Out Of Your Clothes

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There’s nothing worse than spilling down your clothes and being left with a nasty grease mark. Because they never come out of the wash. Try dabbing vinegar on the mark on your clothes and let it sit for a little bit before putting it in the wash. Vois La.

11. Clean Your Shower Doors

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Shower doors somehow seem to look so gross so fast. Water-marks, shampoo residue…and none of it seems to come off without leaving more big smears down the glass. But, apparently, vinegar is the way to tackle this. It will remove the grime but won’t leave the residue behind.

12. Disinfect Your Bathroom

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There’s not always a need for these strong chemical bleaches and disinfectants. After all, they do kill the bacteria but they also have string chemicals that can be harmful to us too. If you want to disinfect your bathroom in an efficient but less harsh way then try vinegar instead.

13. Get Rid Of Smells

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This one may sound contradictory. Because one of the ways to get rid of a bad smell is to use vinegar. Now that may seem like it’s replacing one bad smell with another. But, for example, if your car has a bad aroma, then leave a bowl of vinegar overnight and it will clean the air. So you aren’t actually spraying anything with vinegar.

14. Remove Stickers

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Have you got some old bumper stickers that you regret? Or, some stickers left on your belongings that you did when you were younger and now wonder what you were doing? Soak them with vinegar and they’ll peel right off. Now there’s no need for those embarrassing stickers to stay.

15. Balance Your Soil PH

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This of course will only work if you have soil that is alkaline on the PH scale. If your soil PH is off balance you’ll know the struggle of growing certain things. But if it is too alkaline, then just try spraying some vinegar water around the soil now and then. It will help to balance it out.

16. Balance your OWN PH

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This one is a good beauty hack. And no, we do not mean rubbing vinegar all over your body. But, apparently, if your PH is out of whack then you can add a little bit to your bathtub (just a little) to help get things back in order and neutralise your skin.

17. Blemish Soother

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This vinegar use tip is for apple cider vinegar, it has anti-bacterial and fungal properties. So, if you have some spots or pimples on the skin then you can dab a little but (watered down of course!) onto the affected area. It will help soothe it and it should go away faster.

18. Get Rid Of Old Skin Cells

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The gift of vinegar properties really does keep on giving. And if you were thinking about switching up your skin-care routine, then adding some watered-down apple cider vinegar would not be a bad idea. It will shed those dead skin cells and leave you feeling fresh faced.

19. Reduce Wrinkles

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Vinegar is starting to sound like a magic cream at this point. We all want to stop the wrinkles and fine lines setting in, and who knew it was as easy as washing diluted vinegar on your face. It definitely doesn’t sound pleasant but it sounds worth it…just don’t get it near your eyes.

20. Get Rid Of Scalp Product Build Up

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Build-up happens to everybody’s scalp, even if you change shampoo and conditioners regularly. It helps but it will still inevitably happen. It turns out that you can rinse your scalp with diluted vinegar and let it sit on your scalp for around 10 minutes. Then, wash off and you will notice the difference.

21. Heal Your Heels

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Dry heels anybody? We’ve all experienced it. If you mix vinegar with curd and rub it all over your heels it helps heal the cracked skin. The curd will act as a natural moisturiser whilst the vinegar will heal them with its antibacterial properties. It sounds like a cheap and easy pedicure.

22. Soothe Your Bug Bites

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If you’ve got an itchy bug bite and you need a remedy…vinegar is your best friend. It is naturally antiseptic and so rubbing a little bit on your bite will help stop the itching. We’ve all been on holiday and ended up with horrible mosquito bites with no remedy. Now you only need to reach for the bottle of vinegar at the dinner table.

23. Anti Dandruff!

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This is similar to preventing the product build-up and you use the vinegar in the exact same way. But this will also stop dandruff. If it’s something you struggle with then it’s definitely worth a try. Just massage it into your hair (watered down).

24. Clean The Inside Of Your Car

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Whether it’s bad odors or stains on your car’s upholstery this is a good way to get everything looking like brand new…or almost. Spray diluted vinegar (around a 1/4 of a cup) with some water all over your car – wherever the problem areas. Then scrub at the stains and wait for the odor to vanish.

25. Clean Out Your Bath

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Cleaning the bath can actually be really tricky. It’s hard to clean the stains from it, the old water rings and the residue from products. Plus, it’s big and difficult to scrub. If you fill the bath pour a few cups of vinegar in it and leave it for a few hours. Then, just rinse away and it should be sparkling again.

26. Clean Your Washing Machine

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If we’re honest, most of us neglect to clean the instruments that we use to clean things… But it has to happen or technically you’re just washing everything in more filth. So, pour some vinegar into your washing machine and run a cycle – no soap. Then it will unclog all the pores in your machine and clean the scum.

27. Make Your Towels Fluffy

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Is there anything better than fresh fluffy brand-new towels… But they don’t stay like this for long at all. Before you know it, the fluffiness has flattened, the whiteness is tinged with grey and they look like you’ve had them forever. Wash them with a little bit of vinegar and it will bring the whiteness and the fluffiness back!

28. Clean Ink Stains

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Ink stains…the most troublesome stain there is to remove of all time. Try soaking it with vinegar. This one really could be a very helpful hack. Because ink stains do not budge once they have set in. So be quick and grab the vinegar and soak it out.

29. Unstick Things

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When metal things rust, they stick together and you can try and prize them open all you want but they still won’t work the same. If you soak them with a little bit of vinegar then they should be moving like new soon. It’s worth a go for a natural and easy method.

30. Clean The Patio

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If your patio is looking a little bit dull and the slabs or tiles are looking a bit grubby, pour over water with vinegar and scrub them. It should remove all of the grime and they should then end up looking much brighter again. Especially in time for the summer.