Wilko Frames: Exhibit Precious Memories

By Lynda Keleer

22nd September 2020

Wilko Frames: Exhibit Precious Memories

Pictures speak a thousand words. When capturing a photo, you are not just capturing the image, but also the emotions that you were feeling and the atmosphere in that exact moment. So that in the future when you look back at that simple image, it brings a flurry of emotions. While we still widely use photos to capture important memories, today, we seem to have too many of them saved on our mobile devices. But what about those really special moments that deserve to be framed up for all to see? Today, we’ll be exploring Wilko frames and the millions of ways you can use them to store precious memories.

Wilko Frames

We’ll look at their bestselling and top rated frames, including unique designs that are made to accentuate your photos or artwork, creating stunning exhibits.

Wilko Frames to create a stunning exhibit for your home

Wilko is a family run business and they know what it takes to keep a tidy home.

At Wilko, you can find top rated product ranges for everything home living from bathroom accessories including candles, to mirrors, photo frames, bedding, and also storage boxes and outdoor living items!

Have you been searching for decoration ideas to amp up your space? Or have you been looking for the perfect, thoughtful gift for a loved one?

Wilko Frames

Or perhaps you’ve just been in a big decorating DIY mood and you’re looking for your next project.

Wilko has just the thing! Instead of keeping your photos in mobile devices, why not find a series of photos of precious moments that you can display and share for all to see!

Display them in a variety of Wilko frames that not only protects your photographs against wear and tear, but also to add an aesthetical appeal.

Your personal photos can be transformed into pieces of art that will bring a sense of sophistication and charm to any room.

Wilko picture frames are made up of all sorts of material, shapes, and sizes which we will show you today! With so many choices, you are sure to find one that will let your photographs shine, while also matching with your surrounding furniture.

How to choose the right Wilko Frame for your project

Wilko frames come in all sorts of shapes, material, and sizes. In terms of material your options are such as the classic black border frames, natural wood, rose gold, marble, glitter, and many more!

And in terms of sizes, you can also go for frames that display a collage of multiple photographs so that you can tell a story.

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of options, here are some general tips to help you in finding your ideal Wilko frames.

Firstly, don’t stress over matching the colours in your photograph to the colour of the frame. Instead, just consider the general tone of your picture.

Secondly, lighter frames look better with more simple or casual pictures while darker frames accentuate more formal or elegant pieces.

Thirdly, you should also consider your overall room décor. You can go for the conventional method and choose something that matches your current décor. Alternatively, your frame is also a great chance to add a hint of pizzazz for the right spark of contrast.

Lastly, your frame colour and wall colour should be slightly contrasting so that your picture doesn’t disappear into the background and is instead highlighted perfectly.

How do Wilko frames work?

Besides how they look, Wilko frames also come in a variety of different methods to display them. Stand it on a table, create a collage, or simply just hang it up! Your options are endless.

Once you’ve printed the pictures you wish to display, select your ideal Wilko frame.

Wilko Frames

If there is a gap between your picture and the frame, consider using a mat to create another ‘frame’ for your photo. You can do this by using a piece of cardboard or paper by carefully choosing the right colour.

Then when you’re ready, open the back of your Wilko frames to insert your photograph. When you have it at the right position, secure the frame tightly and its ready for display.

Adhesive strips are a great in keeping your artwork securely fastened as they can hold the weight of anywhere between 3 to 16 pounds.

They also won’t damage your fall if you were to remove them in the future!

A non-damaging method to hang your Wilko frames

Try the Command Medium White Damage Free Picture Hanging Strips 4 pack for £3 each for damage-free hanging! In fact, if you hurry, they are currently having an offer on these for only £2.25 each!

These adhesive strips come in a pack of 4 and have a width of 9.9cm each.

You don’t need screws, nails, or drills. These hanging strips can hold up to 4kg and they even hold up on surfaces like hollow, solid, or painted walls. They can even hold frames of up to 40cm x 50cm of size!

Wilko Frames

But most importantly, they don’t leave a mark as they can easily be removed without leaving any holes, marks, or sticky residue.

If you require any additional stationery craft to help you on your project, Wilko also has top rated stationary ranges for you to choose from including screw nails and light tools. You can also find cleaning household items to clean up your mess afterwards!

Exploring Wilko Frames

We’ve talked about the variety and types of Wilko frames that you can choose from, and one more special thing about Wilko frames is that you won’t believe how affordable they are!

You can find classic yet beautiful frames beginning at just £1.50! Talk about bargains!

Add some character to any boring space. From your office, to that empty wall at home you have been meaning to do something about.

With over 200 frames to choose from Wilko online, here are some pieces to give you some ideas!

Wilko Silver-Effect Easy Photo Frame 8 x 6 Inch for £1.50

Let’s first talk about this classic silver-effect frame that you can hang either vertically or horizontally!

This simple yet elegant frame will not only help your photograph to stand out, but also adds texture to your walls.

Wilko Silver-Effect Easy Photo Frame 8 x 6 Inch for £1.50

It has a dimension of 8 x 6 inches, width of 1.7cm, and is made out of a plastic material.

If you only want to display a single photograph, this frame is just the right size. Or if you want to hang a series of photos, this frame is also a great choice as you can easily match it with other frames.

You can also get a bunch of similar frames to tell a whole story without breaking the bank!

At just £1.50 per piece, you really can’t go wrong.

Wilko Black Easy Photo Frame A4 for £2.50

Here’s another classic and simple frame with a thin black strip lining an A4 sized photograph.

This frame has a dimension of 14 x 11 inches, a width of 1.7cm, and is made out of plastic.

Wilko Black Easy Photo Frame A4 for £2.50

If you don’t want to utilize the whole A4 size, you can also use a photo mat to give it a secondary background.

Photo mats offer another creative way to make your artwork stand out even more as you can use any material or colour and let your creativity flow.

Each for £2.50, you can also build your own collage using photo mats or simply display a series of A4 sized photographs of special moments.

Wilko A4 Pewter Effect Photo Frame for £2.50

Next, for something that looks expensive but costs under £5, the Wilko A4 Pewter Effect Photo Frame for £2.50 is perfect to create an artistic and opulent display.

Wilko A4 Pewter Effect Photo Frame for £2.50

The pewter effect offers a sense of elegance and expensiveness perfect for displaying photographs that you want to show off such as graduation photos or any achievement successful occasion.

This photo frame is also perfect as a graduation gift! Although it is priced so affordably, selecting a thoughtful photograph to go with it will instantly make it priceless. You can even write a special handwritten note at the back so that it will be remembered forever.

Wilko White Photo Frame 12 x 10 Inch for £5.00

Rated a whopping 4.6 stars out of 5 online on wilko.com, this contemporary white photo frame creates a minimalist and stylish display.

Wilko White Photo Frame 12 x 10 Inch for £5.00

This frame is 12 x 10 inches with a depth of 3cm and is made out of MDF material.

The simple white frame allows room for creativity such as showcasing black and white photographs or even letting more eccentric colours stand out.

This frame is also perfect for those precious memories such as pictures of your loved ones.

Wilko A4 Rustic Effect Photo Frame for £4.50

If your home has more earthy textures such as wood flooring or wooden furniture, Wilko also has a variety of wooden frame options for you to choose from.

Wilko A4 Rustic Effect Photo Frame for £4.50

This Wilko A4 Rustic Effect Photo Frame for £4.50 creates a comfortable, homey atmosphere that is also a perfect home for your treasured photographs.

The frame is 14 x 11 inches with a depth of 1.4cm and is made out of MDF, glass, and metal. You can choose to either hang it up on the wall or just let it stand on mantel pieces or display it atop fireplaces.

How about you buy a bunch of different sizes of wooden frames to tie the whole look together?

Wilko Rustic Effect Photo Frame 6 x 4 Inch for £1.50

The Wilko Rustic Effect Photo Frame 6 x 4 inch is made of the same material as the Wilko A4 Rustic Effect Photo Frame which are MDF, glass, and metal.

Therefore, the wooden tone and textures are also similar.

Wilko Rustic Effect Photo Frame 6 x 4 Inch for £1.50

The unique thickness of the outer frame, however, brings a different level of creativity which you can use to showcase your photos.

At such an affordable price of £1.50 per piece, get a few of this design and alternate with the A4 photo frame to build a masterpiece.

Wilko 18 x 13cm Wooden Heart Photo Frame for £6.00

For something more special for that special someone. The Wilko 18 x 13cm Wooden Heart Photo Frame is the ultimate gift idea.

This wooden heart frame is part of the Wilko Treasured Home Collection. And is made with a soft palette of colours such as calming greys, blush pink, and tinted neutrals.

Wilko 18 x 13cm Wooden Heart Photo Frame for £6.00

The gift is not only in the carefully thought out frame itself. But also the special memories that you can idolize in these frames.

Your loved one would be delighted by the thought and also gorgeous look of their new gift!

You can thank Wilko later!

Affordable Wilko Frames to Amp Up Your Space – Right to your doorstep

Browse Wilko frames online today and have your items delivered with several delivery options and prices.

If you are within the UK, home delivery rates begin at £5. And can go up to £8 for next day delivery. In special cases, if your delivery weight is heavier than usual, it can go up to £12.

Having delivery options is crucial especially during these times when a pandemic is still out there!

However, for the cheapest option, choose ‘Order and Collect’ for only £2. And you can order online and arrange for collection in store. Unfortunately, currently Wilko deliveries and ‘Order and Collect’ are only available within the UK.

Should you have any problems with your order, you have up to 28 days from your purchase to return your order and receive a refund or exchange. Do remember to bring along your receipt because you can’t get one with valid proof of your purchase.

Besides this, you can find all sorts of other items on Wilko online. Such as toy bikes, accessories including candles mirrors, nails and light bulbs, candles mirrors photo frames, and many more!

Customers love shopping on Wilko for their amazing prices. That will give you the ultimate satisfaction from getting value for money while leaving you good and feeling great!

Browse to your hearts’ content and find something to go with your Wilko frames today!

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