Saira Khan Net Worth – From The Apprentice To Dancing On Ice

By Lynda Keleer

29th May 2020

Saira Khan Net Worth – From The Apprentice To Dancing On Ice

Who do you turn to when you have money woes?

Some turn to money lenders, while others tune in to The Martin Lewis Money Show to get financial advice from Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis and Saira Khan.

But we will talk about Martin Lewis another time, as today, we are going to focus on the beauty, Saira Khan and her net worth!

Known as one of the successful reality stars, Saira first appeared on our screens when she joined the 2005 UK’s The Apprentice, finishing in second place.

And if you are thinking ‘No, that’s not where I know her from, but I can’t put my finger on it.’, then you should continue reading!

Today, we will learn all about reality star Saira Khan and her impressive net worth.

Saira Khan Before Net Worth

But before we find out Saira Khan’s net worth, it would be rude to not learn about her first!

Saira Khan was born on May 15, 1970 in Long Eaton, Derbyshire.

Her story is a real rag to riches story, as both Saira’s parents were immigrants from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

Today, she is a successful self-made television presenter, reality star, writer, and entrepreneur.


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Saira first appeared on our screens when she was a finisher on the 2005 season of the UK’s The Apprentice. Although she didn’t win, Lord Sugar was so impressed with her work that she got a six-figure salary job!

Not only did this catapult her to fame, but also started paving the journey to Saira Khan’s impressive net worth.

After this, Saira helped people deal with anger management as she hosted Temper Your Temper.

Then in 2012, Saira co-hosted The Martin Lewis Money Show until 2017.

While doing all this, Saira hosted ITV game show Guess This House, and also became a panelist on Loose Women.

You know you’ve made it when you make it to Loose Women.

Saira Khan

So, after all that, you can already imagine Saira Khan to have an impressive estimated net worth.

Drum roll please…

Saira Khan has an impressive net worth of around $1 million to $5 million!

Her net worth really is impressive if you consider her background.

And even more impressive, is how Saira Khan spends her money!

Today, Saira lives in Oxford in her £1.6 million house, and that’s not the only property she has! In fact, the self-made entrepreneur has five properties under her name.

According to the TV personality:

“If I have money, I always buy property.”

Being smart with her money, Saira even made a deal with Ford where she would get a free upgrade for her car every three to six months.

Talk about smart savings! I guess she learned a thing or two while co-hosting with Martin Lewis.

But in a bittersweet turn of events for Saira, she suffered a miscarriage during her first birth, and suffered further complications while trying to conceive her second child, Zac.

A little while after baby Zac joined their family, she made a trip back to Karachi, Pakistan, and adopted her gorgeous daughter, Amara.

Amara was four years old when Saira brought her home from the Edhi Foundation Orphanage in Pakistan.

Saira now lives happily her husband Steve Hyde and her two children.

Saira Khan Today

Since her debut on The Apprentice, Saira has achieved stardom.


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In 2016 she joined Celebrity Big Brother, and in 2019, she finished ninth place on the famous Dancing on Ice.

Saira shares that it was her two children who convinced her challenge herself on Dancing on Ice.

She also discussed her paycheck from Celebrity Big Brother with her Loose Women panelists saying:

“It is the biggest cheque in showbiz”.

The reality star made a whopping £100,000! To which she said was going to get her home extension done.

The television host often shares her adoption journey publicly while appearing on Loose Women, and she also appeared in the documentary Adopting Abroad, Saira’s Story.

As you have learned, Saira Khan and her journey to her net worth is an impressive one.

She will continue to be an inspiration to us all, and we hope to see her on more on the telly!

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