Isolation: What Are The Best TV Series To Binge Watch?

By Cara Dudgeon

14th April 2020

Isolation: What Are The Best TV Series To Binge Watch?

The majority of us are in isolation thanks to COVID-19… meaning it’s never been a better time to binge the Best TV series of all time!


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Series for families

The Great British Bake Off

Is there a show that provides more comfort and content? Don’t think so… Why make your own bakes when you can watch people do it with some innuendos thrown in for good measure?!

The television show has ten series and over twenty-five specials! Although, we don’t recommend watching if you’re feeling hangry.

The Simpsons

It seems as if the Simpson family have been on our screens since time began, but it only started in 1989. The TV comedy is a satirical take on the modern family – it’s even predicted some real life events, such as corona virus…

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Doctor Who

This sci-fi show has always been highly rated in pop culture, yet when Jodie Whittaker was cast as the first female ‘Time Lord’, it hit a whole new height.

There’s more than enough episodes to survive at least six weeks of self-isolation!

Guilty pleasure watches

Gossip Girl

A New York backdrop, iconic fashion statements and Chuck Bass – what more could you need?


Are they our Friends or family members? These six are so well known in households that it does feel like we really know them!

With its impeccable comedic timing and reveals, you won’t regret watching this.

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Will & Grace

Not only did this show make history for having the first gay principal characters, but it’s also full of laughter and tears.

The (second) final series is airing now in America, but you may as well watch the whole thing whilst you have the chance to stay at home.

When the kids go to bed


It’s highly like that you’ve heard of Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Fleabag is her brain child. Sex, sadness and a star-studded cast you won’t be mad that you started it.

The show comprises of two series with six episodes each, it’s the perfect watch for 14 days of isolation to see if you develop symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Gavin & Stacey

Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t like this programme? Humour and innuendoes with a helping of reality and characters that we are all obsessed with; it seems there’s never been a better time to rewatch this comedy.

However, it might be best to not take inspiration from Smithy (James Corden) in this scene – the poor delivery drivers!

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What more could you need to pass the time than history, time travel and a very good looking Scot? Outlander focuses on the love story between Jamie Fraser from 1743 and Claire Randall from 1946. It might sound like it doesn’t work, but trust us, it really does.

If you’re looking for more ways to pass the time indoors thanks to the coronavirus infection, the show is actually based on Diana Gabaldon’s novel series; currently comprising of eight books with more to come!

Shows that you and your other half will love


Based on the film of the same name, Fargo is a  black comedy–crime drama anthology show. The show currently consists of three season, each of which is set in a different era with a different storyline. Many high profile celebrities such as Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks, Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson and Ewan McGregor.

If you’ve seen the original 1996 film, you’ll love the each series as they reference the movie in subtle ways.

Schitt’s Creek

This series follows the formerly wealthy Rose family – parents Johnny and Moira plus children David and Alexis – as they move to Schitt’s Creek. Johnny originally bought the town for David as a joke but now it’s their last remaining asset.

Created by Eugene and Daniel Levy – who star as Johnny and David, respectively – the show is perfect if you want to full belly laugh. Made up of six series, the show recently came to an end, meaning you can binge the whole show from start to finish.

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Peaky Blinders

It’s likely that you’ve already heard of this programme, but did you know that it is based on a true story?

Set in Birmingham, the cast includes Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory and Paul Anderson as lead members of the Shelby family. Packed with crime and drama, this is one show you’ll definitely want to keep watching.

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