Iain Dale Twitter – Extensive Career and Twitter Fingers

By Lynda Keleer

23rd April 2020

Iain Dale Twitter – Extensive Career and Twitter Fingers

British politics has its fair share of flair, drama, and comedy.

And like most politicians and celebrities, they turn to Twitter to voice out their (sometimes outrageous) opinions and connect with the public.

Iain dale twitter

Iain Dale is a famous face in UK politics, and he is quite an entertaining one to watch.

Thankfully, Iain Dale is a regular on Twitter, voicing out his opinions or responding to tweets, which makes for even better entertainment.

Recently, in February, Iain Dale was blowing up on Twitter as he shocked everyone during a debate on the popular Good Morning Britain.

What did the political blogger do to spark the Twitter frenzy?

And how much do we know about Iain Dale besides being a regular face in UK politics?

Today, we explore Iain Dale to find out everything we need to know about the TV broadcaster including his extensive career and activities on Twitter.

Iain Dale Before Twitter and Personal Life

Iain Campbell Dale was born on 15th July 1962 in Cambridge, England. The political broadcaster is 58 years old this year!

He is an English journalist, political commentator, broadcaster, publisher, and former Parliamentary candidate. These days, Iain is also known as one of the most successful bloggers in British political history.

But before he got to where he is today, Iain was already a remarkably busy person.

Iain Dale Twitter1

Growing up in Essex, Dale went to Ashdon Country Primary School and Saffron Walden Country High School.

He received a BA honours degree in German Linguistics and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate from University of East Anglia.

Before going to uni, Dale even spent a gap year at the Werner Wicker Klinik in West Germany as a nursing assistant.

Dale then went on to become Conservative Member of Parliament, Patrick Thompson’s research assistant, before joining the British Ports Federation as their public affairs manager, and then Lloyd’s list as a Financial Journalist.

It is safe to say Iain Dale’s CV is an extensive and shiny one.

Iain Dale came out as a homosexual as he began running as a Tory candidate in 2003. He was around 40 years old when he revealed the news. Yup! Dale is openly gay and is an active receiver and defender of homophobic attacks on all outlets including the radio, TV, and of course, the internet.

In 2015, he finally married his long-term partner John Simmons, and together they live in Turnbridge Wells.

Sadly, Dale did not win the election.

Iain Dale’s Extensive Resume

After having so many impressive roles, Dale established Politico’s Bookstore and Coffee House in 1997 where he sold political books, novelty items, and memorabilia.

Then from there, he expanded by opening a web design and publishing business under the Politico brand.

Then after several changes, he finally became managing director of his publishing company, Biteback Publishing.

Dale was also publisher of the magazine Total Politics, where he has some interesting interviews.


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Adding to Dale’s already extensive CV, he also regularly writes for several notable publishing like The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, GQ, The Independent, and several others.

He has also written and edited around 46 political books, and even co-authored a book in 2006.

And that has not all, as Dale is also a radio host, where he is a regular on the LBC radio station.

Dale has been awarded a couple of times at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards for Radio Presenter of the Year!

Dale is also a regular on TV, such as paneling CNN International’s daily CNNtalk and other popular TV shows like Good Morning Britain and Jeremy Vine.

Iain Dale Twitter

Dale often speaks his mind as he has some strong opinions especially on UK politics.

Besides appearing regularly on some of your favorite talk shows to voice his opinions, he is also active on the famous social media platform, Twitter.

Understandably, Twitter is where you can openly add your thoughts or a topic, you’re passionate about.

He always manages to find a topic for debate.

Recently, Iain Dale sparked a flurry of comments on Twitter as he abruptly walked out of an interview on Good Morning Britain.

The panel was discussing the recent Jonty Bravery case, where Dale reportedly was spoken over by co-presenters Grace Blakeley and Nihal Arthanayake as he tried to voice his own opinions.

Frustrated Dale

After trying to get his word across, a frustrated Dale tore off his microphones and walked off set – like a boss.

He then took to Twitter to apologize saying:

“I enjoy my early mornings on @GMB with @Jacqui_Smith1 because they’re all about civilized discussion. Today’s was not. It was about closing me down. I decided it wasn’t worth hanging around. Apologies to @kategarraway, @benshepard & @CharlotteHawkns but enough is enough.”

Surprisingly, many people who tweet with a reply were mostly in support of Dale’s surprising decision to leave the set abruptly.

One tweeted:

“Ian Dale was 1) bang on correct 2) right to walk off after being talked over repeatedly on @GMB well done for not letting these entitled children win. #gmb.”

Another one tweeted:

“#GMB presenters unable to control their guests. Ian Dale was bamboozled by two rude people who I haven’t got a clue who they are but need to apologise.”

Since then, Iain Dale’s Twitter has been one to watch. As he regularly shares his thoughts and spread the word about all things politics.

If you need your latest dose of British politics, head to Iain Dale’s Twitter account for the latest updates and his two cents.

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