Lucy Smith Ballet Dancer: The Wife Of Nicholas Lyndhurst

By Cara Dudgeon

28th January 2020

Lucy Smith Ballet Dancer: The Wife Of Nicholas Lyndhurst

Lucy Smith (ballet dancer) is the wife of famous British actor Nicholas Simon Lyndhurst, but who is she and what is her story?

Lucy Smith ballet dancer

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Who is Lucy Smith?..

Lucy Smith is best known for being a ballet dancer for the English National Ballet.

Lucy and Nicholas married in 1999 in Chichester (West Sussex), although the pair met in 1992. She saw him twice in the West End show, Straight and Narrow and decided to leave him a bottle of champagne and a message.

Lucy Smith ballet dancer - on her wedding day

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However, Lucy has since retired from dancing. The pair have a son, Archie.

When asked if Archie knows that Nicholas was Rodney Trotter in Only Fools and Horses, he replied:

‘He saw me once as Rodney, for just a minute […] I switched on the television, Fools came on, and I couldn’t change it fast enough’.

Lucy Smith’s ballet dancer career has affected her…

Lucy was recently brought back into the limelight after headlines claimed:

‘English National Ballet chief orders dancers to put on weight after audience complaints that stars are too thin’.

In 2005, Lucy’s husband Nicholas spoke out about anorexia in ballet, he said:

‘I wouldn’t treat a dog the way a ballerina is treated. When Lucy was dancing, anorexia was positively encouraged’

He went on to say that Lucy knew dancers who drank shampoo

‘to make themselves sick.’

This news came out after Lucy had retired from dancing, showing that there is still a problem in the ballet world in regards to weight and appearance.

How do we know her husband?..

Nicholas Lyndhurst is best known for  Only Fools and Horses in which he played Rodney Trotter.

Although he is best known for his role in Only Fools and Horses, he has also had leading roles in Goodnight Sweetheart as Gary Sparrow; Dan Griffin in New Tricks; Adam Parkinson in the series Butterflies.

Along with his fellow Only Fools and Horses cast mate David Jason (who plays Del Boy), he starred in the shows prequel, Rock & Chips. He played Freddie ‘The Frog’ Robdal.

What else has Lucy Smith’s husband been in?..

When Nicholas was first getting into acting, he starred in many children’s shows and notably got the lead role in the Prince and the Pauper in 1976.

He later was in many television adverts, most notably for the British stationary shop, WH Smith. He starred as all four members of the same family. The adverts did so well that he even won a BAFTA for them!

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Nicholas and his airplanes…

In an interview, the actor stated:

‘When I was a child I loved to fly balloons, throw a Frisbee, a boomerang. Anything I could get up into the air was tremendous for me’.

He continued to say that he first had a flying lesson:

‘when I was 17. The lessons cost £17.50 an hour. That was an astral amount of money back then.

‘People ask if what attracts me is the view of the landscape from up there, or the peace and serenity, but that’s not really it. Actually, it’s not very peaceful up there at all. You have to follow instructions from the ground. But, until the birth of my son, I did consider my pilot’s licence my finest achievement.

‘I don’t get a tremendous sense of achievement from acting. If I see myself on film, I’m far more likely to watch a performance like this [he peeps through a screen of fingers] than any other way’.

His entrance into opera…

In 2017, Nicholas was part of the production ‘Carousel’ at the English National Opera – he was the role of Star Keeper.

He has since continued his opera career as in 2019 he was the Governor/ Innkeeper in ‘Man of La Mancha’.

Lucy Smith ballet dancer - Nicholas Lyndhurst in the opera

Image Source/ English National Opera

His special appearances as Rodney…

Apart from the TV special series, Rock & Chips, Nicholas has also starred as his most prestigious character in the Sport Relief special: Beckham in Peckham.

The 2014 sketch stars the usual stars – Nicholas and David Jason – as well as legendary footballer David Beckham as an old friend of Del Boy.

Video Source/ YouTube

As can be seen, Lucy likes to stay out of the limelight but still does attend red carpet and special events with her husband.

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