Lewis Capaldi Instagram: Funniest Moments

By Juliet Smith

10th January 2020

Lewis Capaldi Instagram: Funniest Moments

We’re looking at Lewis Capaldi’s Instagram…

The singer-songwriter is not only recognised for his best-selling hits and his former relationship with Love Islander Paige Turley, he’s also known for his inherent ability for being utterly (and downright absurdly) hilarious.

Lewis Capaldi loves documenting his sunglasses addiction, his self-critical posts and pictures of him looking baffled at his newly found fame.

We’ve rounded up some of the 22-year-old’s finest moments…

His Glastonbury Feud With Noel Gallagher

Lewis and the former Oasis singer were feuding for weeks over the summer, concluding with Capaldi coming out at Glastonbury dressed as Noel (complete with bucket hat).

Things took an odd turn when Gallagher revealed that Capaldi looked like Chewbacca in an interview. Of course, we all remember the Scottish singer’s response – a profile picture that photoshopped his face onto Chewbaccas and an alteration of his Twitter name to ‘Chewis Capaldi’.

Lewis’s London Underground Billboard

Capaldi certainly has a unique take on advertising; an unflattering photo of the singer, with his hair wrapped up in a towel and some tinted sunglasses on for his first Underground billboard… the singer’s DEFINITELY not precious about his public image.


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When He Found Out His Apparent Net Worth

Lewis Capaldi’s Instagram story uncovered his hilariously inaccurate supposed ‘net worth’. He said:

“You mean to tell me I’ve been kicking about in the same clothes for six months, and there’s ten f**king million quid sitting about somewhere? Where the f**k is it?”

That Time He Had Buy A Toilet Plunger In Hollywood

Image Source/YouTube

In his own words (and who else could get away with saying this):

“Who builds a toilet in a hotel room that can’t handle two or three wipes of an arse?”
While he was in Hollywood earlier last year, Capaldi was faced with everyone’s worst nightmare: a blocked toilet. As such, he documented his journey to the local store to purchase a toilet brush as his followers watched him unblocking the toilet.

How Can We Ever Forget His Fast-Selling Album Acceptance Speech?

Capaldi had us all in stitches once again after he went through his sub categories on the biography page Healthy Celeb. He disputed his height on the website saying “five foot f***ing eight”. 

From dubbing the image they used as a ‘serial killer’ to commenting on his distinctive features, “eyes, I’ve got quite lovely eyes. Or my teeth, I quite like my teeth, they’re always quite straight”, at least the Scot can poke fun at himself.

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