Dan Osborne Instagram: His Love Life in Pictures

By Lynda Keleer

29th January 2020

Dan Osborne Instagram: His Love Life in Pictures

The nation loves reality TV and with Dan Osborne, there’s all the vital ingredients. Rising to fame on TOWIE and appearing in Celebrity Big Brother, Dan Osborne’s Instagram is full of the juicy pictures that followers can’t resist.

Dan Osborne

However, it’s not always been plain sailing for Dan Osborne, despite having a charmed life on the surface. His relationship with wife Jacqueline Jossa hit the headlines after salubrious claims about his conduct.

But did the couple survive and what does the future hold for them? Dan Osborne Instagram stories have the answer…

Dan Osborne instagram

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Finding fame – and getting sacked

The public first got to know Dan Osborne on The Only Way Is Essex, the reality show which creates soap opera storylines out of real life events of a group of girls and guys. He appeared on the show from 2013 but his starring role was abruptly cut short when he was booted out.


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To find out why Dan was binned from TOWIE, you’ll need to take a closer look at his past romances. Although he’s married to Eastenders actress Jacqueline Jossa now, that wasn’t the case back in 2013.

Megan Tomlin is Dan Osborne’s ex-girlfriend and they were together for two years. Their relationship broke down when she was four months pregnant with his child and they split up. Megan only realised she was pregnant after the pair had decided to part.

They tried to maintain a civil front but things went from bad to worse when Dan showed his darker side by lashing out at Megan and threatening her. Unfortunately for Dan, Megan secretly recorded his words – which included him vowing to stab her if she’d slept with another man.

That kind of behaviour is never going to please audiences and TOWIE bosses feared that keeping Dan on would damage the show. Despite issuing a written open apology, Dan Osborne was given the boot after two years on TOWIE.

What would he do next? His wife was to later confirm that the job offers dried up after the explosive tape conversation was released but things weren’t to be a problem for too long.

Dan Osborne’s Moving on from Megan

Dan Osborne didn’t waste any time moving on from Megan Tomlin, a fact that caused her to lash out at him and also his new love.

Megan was quick to bitterly claim that “Rebound relationships never work”, intimating that Dan’s feelings for Jaqueline Jossa weren’t the real deal.

However, Megan’s cutting words weren’t reserved just for Dan; she also attacked Jacqueline saying, “…a good person doesn’t get involved with a guy who came out of a relationship after a matter of weeks and has a baby on the way”.

Source/Irish Mirror

While it’s certainly true that Megan was pregnant and Dan hadn’t long split up from her, there was no crossover between the relationships. Jacqueline didn’t get together with Dan while he was together with Megan, but the acrimony continued.

After the baby was born – a little boy called Teddy – the ex-TOWIE star was determined to play an integral role in his child’s life. Putting their differences aside, Megan and Dan began to successfully co-parent.

This caused some friction between Megan and Jacqueline, especially as Jacqueline soon became pregnant with Dan’s child too. Dan admitted, “I’m obviously in the middle but I’m trying to do the best I can for her, Jacqueline and of course Teddy. We are trying to work through it all together.”

Despite having a tumultuous relationship, Dan and Jacqueline went on to have two children and married in 2017.

More scandal – Ahh Dan!

Megan’s warnings about Dan’s shortcomings seemed as if they might be accurate when his love life hit the headlines yet again. This time it wasn’t due to aggressive behaviour but rumours about him cheating on Jacqueline.

His career was revived by appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. A show that he would go on to secure third place in. Despite this professional success, it also soured his marriage for a while.

On the show was an ex-Love Island contestant, Gabby Allen. Viewers of Big Brother watched Gabby and Dan growing steadily closer over the weeks with a real intimacy arising. What was really going on?

Watching at home, Jacqueline certainly wasn’t happy. And confessed that she wanted to “punch” her husband for the way he was acting. After the show finished, Gabby Allen revealed that Jacqueline texted her to find out whether anything had gone on, an accusation which she denied.

Both Gabby and Dan insisted that they were just friends. Despite appearances and for a while, at least that seemed to allay the rumour-mill. All was well at home between Dan and his wife. However, when Jacqueline headed into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, the issue rose its head once more…

What happened With Dan in the Australian jungle?

While on Ant and Dec’s show, Jacqueline was approached by fellow campmate, Myles Stephenson. Myles had dated Gabby Allen for several months and had some shocking news for Jacqueline.

In an exchange which wasn’t aired, Myles told Jacqueline that Gabby and Dan had gotten together. While in Marbella in 2018, even continuing to have sex on their return to the UK. The news rocked Jacqueline who hadn’t seen it coming.

dan osborne australian jungle
source/news puddle

Tabloids plastered the accusations all over the front pages. And another beauty claimed to also have had sex with Dan Osborne after Celebrity Big Brother. Was Dan’s marriage over?

Jacqueline couldn’t remain in the show without speaking to her husband so producers relented and allowed them to exchange voicemails. This assured Jacqueline enough to return to the camp and she went on to win, being crowned Queen of the Jungle.

With so many accusations about Dan’s fidelity swirling around, there was much speculation about whether he would meet her. However, in the live final viewers saw Jacqueline give her husband a big hug on the bridge with no apparent problems.


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Jacqueline and Dan have said that they will be remaining together, with Dan telling the Mirror, “Everyone’s trying to drag us down – we are going to be fine.” However, Jacqueline cancelled live interviews following her victory, the first winner of I’m A Celebrity to do so, which raises questions about whether she’s as happy as her husband claims.

Having seemingly survived the turbulence of the last few years, there’s no sign on Dan Osborne’s Instagram of any problems. Only time will tell if things start to settle down now or whether there’s more drama ahead!

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