Piers Morgan Instagram: His Most Controversial Posts

By Tharmini Kenas

20th November 2019

Piers Morgan Instagram: His Most Controversial Posts

A constant figure in British households on Monday to Wednesday mornings, Piers Morgan is both liked and disliked by many for one reason- his controversial views! 

The Good Morning Britain host (his co-host is Susanna Reid) has gotten involved in many controversies and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down after all these years. 

Being a celebrity, journalist, broadcaster (Piers is not the only broadcaster who stirs up trouble! Eamonn Holmes seems to be doing it with such ease too!), writer and TV personality, Piers is more active now than ever (he even has issues with the royals!)

piers morgan instagram

Image Source/Evening Standard

Apart from his shows, his social media- his Twitter and Instagram account are his playground for stirring up controversies. Let’s take a peek at Piers Morgan’s Instagram! 

Kick Starting With His Controversial Quotes! 

Before we take a look at his Instagram posts, let’s find out just how controversial Piers Morgan can be…

piers morgan instagram

Image Source/The Independent

“My dear Jennifer [Aniston], if you’re so fed up with having your body judged, stop trying to make it look so Photoshop-perfect on magazine covers.”


“To watch a woman [Madonna] in her late-50s cavorting around in fishnet stockings, falling over, swearing, shouting and behaving like a… you can fill in the blank. I find it absolutely toe-curling.” 

“Don’t chase women, they will chase you. They are like horses in a pasture: if you don’t go drooling over her, she is going to want to know why.”

Nope! This is certainly not a nice thing to say…

“I never realised how endlessly entertaining Twitter would turn out to be. Oh, the joy when I realised you could tweet Manchester United stars personally, ridiculing them for everything from their dodgy haircuts to offensive swimwear. 

“And even more delicious when they began firing back like enraged Rambos on acid.”

You get the idea? Piers Morgan is unstoppable and it does look like he enjoys controversies! 

Moving On To His Instagram…


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On #InternationalMensDay2019, my gift to women, papoose-wearers & vegans.

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Opting to exude his sexy vibe through a Burger King ad, Piers met a range of responses from his followers. Some were disgusted while some were entertained. 

This post has a lot of sting to it. From highlighting the fact that Boris Johnson has broken promises to appear on Good Morning Britain to pinpointing his sensibility, Piers definitely has no filter!


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Looks like he is not going to retire from his gender and identity-based controversies so soon! 

His Gender And Identity Controversy!

A month ago, he landed in hot soup once again for being insensitive during a debate about non-binary gender. 

Following the news that a baby penguin at London aquarium would be raised gender neutral, Piers took it upon himself to declare that he identifies as a ‘two-spirit penguin’. 

Petitions were filed to remove him from his morning show. According to the petition: 

“Morgan dictates to his viewers that it’s acceptable to deny an LGBTQ+ person of their rights; it’s acceptable to tell them they don’t exist; it’s acceptable to call them “snowflakes” when they get rightfully upset.”

piers morgan instagram

Image Source/Mashable

On the other hand, another petition was made in support of Piers Morgan and it surpassed the first petition in a mere three hours. 

His More Recent Trouble-Making…

Just a few days back, he voluntarily stirred up trouble when he promised to repair Rebekah Vardy’s image after her scandal with Coleen Rooney.  

According to Piers: 

“I walked into the Vardy box at Leicester’s King Power Stadium, hugged Rebekah, now eight months pregnant with her fifth child, and announced: ‘I’m here to repair your public image!’

Coleen Rooney has accused Rebekah Vardy of spreading false stories about her. 


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It’s Rebekah Vardy! #lcfcvafc

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Piers sympathises with Rebekah saying

“Whatever the truth and Rebekah’s just as emphatic – and convincingly so – in private with her denials that she’s the leaker, Coleen’s decision to humiliate her friend at that stage of a pregnancy was very ill-advised.”

Well, let’s see where this leads to!

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