America's Least And Most Attractive States And Cities

By Joe Royle

24th July 2019

You might be packing your bags and crossing state lines after reading this: consider this your pre-warning…

If where you live is near the bottom of the list, congrats you sexy little thing, you.

If where you live is near the top… well… it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Right?

Well, the brains behind the dating app, Clover, believe that the key to a successful relationship is actually “mutual attractiveness”, so – naturally – they decided to create a system which can determine just how attractive a person is. Like, actually scientifically.

The clogs ticked away, chewing around with the data of 500,000 users, before spitting out lists of the most and least attractive cities and states in the US for men and for women.

Well, well, well. If you’re single and ready to mingle, get ready to book your flights to the number one spot…place your bets now on which city holds the top spot!

Here we go

Let’s find out which states and cities have the sexiest girls and the hunkiest boys…

60. Rhode Island

Image Source

Well, someone had to be first and apparently it’s the home of the LEAST attractive men in the entire US.

There’s some stunning scenery, but sadly the men are more Yankee Doodle Dandy than Hunky Canoodle Candy.

59. Mississippi

Image Source

With long, hot summers, you might picture females from Mississippi sporting a sultry tan, playing beach volleyball…

But it’s bad news for females (and single men) as women in this state are the LEAST attractive in the US, with women being 7 times less attractive than the national average. Yikes.

58. Stockton, CA

Image Source

If everybody had an ocean, across the USA, then everybody’d be surfin’, like Californi-a… but probably not to Stockton.

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