Love Island's Curtis Pritchard: Everything You Need To Know

By Cara Dudgeon

4th June 2019

Love Island‘s Curtis Pritchard: Everything You Need To Know

This is everything you need to know about one of Love Island‘s new boys, Curtis Pritchard.

We all love a summer romance, but we all need the money to actually afford summer. £50,000 might just cover it! Somehow, I don’t think Curtis is SUPER desperate for Love Island’s prize money…

Love Island's Curtis Pricthard Professional Photo

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Before he entered the villa…

Did Curtis look familiar to you? Well, that might be because he is the brother of Strictly Come Dancing’s AJ! Like AJ, Curtis is also a dancer and has been a professional dancer on Ireland’s version of Dancing With The Stars since 2017.

However, Curtis has yet to make it past week five in the show – wonder if his fate will prove the same on Love Island?

You might also recognise him from the news. Last year, AJ and Curtis made headlines after they were assaulted in a nightclub over the 2018 festive period. AJ got away lightly, whereas the attackers severely hurt Curtis; he damaged his knee so badly that he was unable to perform in this year’s Dancing With The Stars.

Who has he dated?..

Curtis was previously in a relationship with Emily Barker, his ex dance partner!

Talking about his relationship with Emily, he said:

‘My ex-girlfriend was my dance partner. We danced with each other from when we were twelve until we were fourteen, we were the champions […] You spend a lot of time with each other when you’re dancing together. You’re always in a close proximity so it would be weird not to get feelings even if it’s just to be a best friend or if it’s to fall in love’.


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“ I smiled and she smiled back at me” @emilybarker123

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Looking for love…

When discussing his ideal girl, Curtis has explained:

‘I’m sure everyone has their idea of the perfect girl but I don’t. This sounds really clichéd but love is blind and I truly do believe that, […] Just somebody that looks after themselves and doesn’t go out drinking all the time, looking after themselves […] a whole variety of things really’.

We all remember when Dani Dyer revealed that she wouldn’t be having sex on the show as her whole family would be watching, and it seems that Curtis has a similar mindset:

I’d kiss somebody; if it’s any further than that I think it’s private business that should be done in your own time in private […] It shouldn’t be publicised to the world, it’s making love and stuff like that’.

However, he isn’t all good:

‘I have cheated before, but that isn’t why I split with that girlfriend. I will always be loyal from now on’.

We will see huni…

Love Island's Curtis Pritchard selfie

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Who will he end up with…

Curtis is one of the Love Island villa’s new boys along with Tommy Fury.

He HAS to couple up with one of the five girls – Amber Gill, Yewande Biala, Anna Vakili, Lucie Donlan and Amy Hart – otherwise he is in jeopardy of having to leave the villa.

Who will catch his eye?

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