Coleen Nolan's Net Worth - How She Became So Rich!

By Cara Dudgeon

25th June 2019

Coleen Nolan’s Net Worth – How This Nolan Sister Is So Rich…

The girl group ‘The Nolans’ may have been well known in the 80s, but now it’s only Coleen who remains on our screens. But what is Coleen Nolan’s net worth?

Coleen Nolan’s net worth…

Coleen Nolan’s estimated net worth is $6 million – which roughly works out to £4, 700,000!

Where did it all begin?

Coleen Nolan was born in March 1965 in Blackpool, England to an Irish family.

‘The Singing Nolans’…

Can you believe that this was the band’s original name? It was originally a family band but that all changed in 1973, when Tommy (the girls’ father) was approached by someone who was interested in his daughters moving to London to sing in his theatre. Sounds kinda dodgy to me…

Coleen Nolan net worth - The Singing Nolans

(Image Source: Discogs)

They didn’t think so and the family moved to London to start their career as ‘The Nolans’. As the band’s youngest member, she wasn’t always allowed to perform with her sisters. Finally when she was 15 she was allowed to be a full-time member. At a similar time, the band’s most famous song, ‘I’m In The Mood For Dancing’ was released.

It was from this moment that the name Nolan was branded onto all of our brains until… now!

The Nolans went on to have more chart singles including ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Don’t Make Waves’. They band even went on to win a Japanese Grammy Award in 1992!

All by herself…

Coleen quit the group in 1994 after marrying actor Shane Richie (born Shane Roche) and having their two children, Shane Roche Jr. and Jake Roche. However, their love was not meant to last and the pair got divorced in 1999.

Shortly after this, Coleen met her future husband, Ray Fensome and in 2001 she gave birth to their daughter, Ciara.

Did Coleen Nolan’s net worth mainly come from TV jobs?..

In 2000 Coleen started the role that we now all know her for – a television presenter on the ITV show, Loose Women. She has been on and off with the show for nearly twenty years.

Coleen has continued to present other television programmes over the years, released a DVD titled ‘A Brand New You’ in 2008  and has also written autobiographies, including No Regrets (2014).

Coleen has also made her money by appearing on reality shows such as Dancing on Ice in 2009. She managed to get to fourth place. She was so well-loved on the show that she even co-hosted the show with Phillip when Holly was unwell!

Her most famous reality show appearance was on Celebrity Big Brother. The TV presenter has appeared on the show twice – once in 2012 and again in 2017. Although the presenter and author was the winner of the 2017 series, it didn’t come without some controversy. She and fellow housemate, Kim Woodburn did not get along and did try to make amends on Loose Women.

However, that didn’t exactly go to plan…

The show received over 7,000 complaints to Ofcom regarding the way in which Coleen and her fellow presenters were treating Kim. This led Coleen to take a break from Loose Women as well as cancelling her first ever solo tour, ‘Never Too Late’. She returned to the ITV daytime show in December 2018 but the show has yet to be reinstated.

What’s next?

Her latest venture is in the upcoming sold out show, ‘The Thunder Girls’.

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