By Angie

9th May 2019

So you want to find out which friends character you are most like? Hit the button below and begin the quiz!

So, let’s take a look and see what all of these extras from our favorite show look like today after all of this time…

Maggie Wheeler – Janice THEN


MaggieWheeler – Janice NOW


James Michael Tyler – Gunther THEN



James Michael Tyler – Gunther NOW

Paul Rudd – Mike THEN



Paul Rudd – Mike NOW


Hank Aaria – David THEN



Hank Aaria – David NOW


Helen Baxendale – Emily THEN



Helen Baxendale – Emily NOW


Elliott Gould – Jack THEN



Elliott Gould – Jack NOW


Christina Pickles – Judy THEN



Christina Pickles – Judy NOW


Lauren Tom – Julie THEN



Lauren Tom – Julie NOW


Aisha Tyler – Charlie THEN



Aisha Tyler – Charlie THEN


Anna Faris – Erica THEN


Anna Faris – Erica NOW



Giovanni Ribisi – Frank Jr. THEN



Giovanni Ribisi – Frank Jr. NOW


Debra Jo Rupp – Alice THEN



Debra Jo Rupp – Alice NOW


Christina Taylor – Bonnie THEN



Christina Taylor – Bonnie NOW


Brad Pitt – Will THEN



Brad Pitt – Will NOW


Cosimo Fusco – Paolo THEN



Cosimo Fusco – Paolo NOW


Dakota Fanning – Mackenzie THEN


Dakota Fanning – Mackenzie NOW



Eddie Cahill – Tag THEN


Eddie Cahill – Tag NOW



Freddie Prinze, Jr. – Sandy THEN


Freddie Prinze, Jr. – Sandy NOW



Jane Sibbett – Carol THEN


Jane Sibbett – Carol NOW



Jessica Hecht – Susan THEN


Jessica Hecht – Susan



Cole Sprouse – Ben THEN


 Cole Sprouse – Ben NOW



Morgan Fairchild – Nora THEN


Morgan Fairchild – Nora NOW



Jon Lovitz – Steve THEN



Jon Lovitz – Steve NOW


Paget Brewster – Kathy THEN




Vincent Ventresca – Fun Bobby THEN



Vincent Ventresca – Fun Bobby NOW


Mitchell Whitfield – Barry THEN


Mitchell Whitfield – Barry NOW



Danny Devito – Roy THEN


Danny Devito – Roy NOW



Jon Favreau – Pete Becker THEN


Jon Favreau – Pete Becker NOW



Jon Haugeu – Ugly Naked Guy THEN


Jon Haugeu – Ugly Naked Guy NOW



Jennifer Coolidge – Amanda Buffamonteezi THEN


Jennifer Coolidge – Amanda Buffamonteezi NOW



Sam McMurray – Chandler’s boss Doug THEN


 Sam McMurray – Chandler’s boss Doug NOW



Michael Hagerty – Mr Treeger THEN



Michael Hagerty – Mr Treeger NOW


Alexandra Holden – Elizabeth THEN



 Alexandra Holden – Elizabeth NOW


Elle mcPherson – Janine




Steven Eckholdt – Mark




Noelle and Cali Sheldon – baby Emma THEN


Noelle and Cali Sheldon – baby Emma NOW



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