By Lewis Thelwell

10th May 2019

She is one of the stars on the top-rated television show ‘The Big Bang Theory’. This is literally the show that put her on the map and has kept her there for over a decade. Now, she’s living the life of a superstar and she absolutely deserves it! That being said, we can see that there plenty of times in which she would rather be left alone when she’s in public. Most often, she can be seen in workout clothes because that seems to be what she enjoys doing the most. We have seen her go through some changes over the years and even went so far as to chop her hair off.

Kaley has been caught off guard on a number of occasions!

However, she has found a unique balance that keeps her looking great and she says that it’s Yoga. So, don’t be surprised being her in her Yoga clothes. Let’s take a look:

Hiding out from the paparazzi:

Meanwhile, she is chilling out in her workout clothes. Either cooling down or waiting for a Yoga class to start.

We can see that she really puts her body to the test when she’s working out.

Cooling off after a workout:

She’s looks exhausted but she has stunning results to show for it, the fitness is incredible.

Obviously, she’s just trying to get from one place to the next but she can’t leave her house without the paparazzi attacking her with their photography.

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