By Kirsty Bachor

2nd May 2019

Hot weather is great and all – especially for us Brits when the appearance of sunlight is an occurrence only heard of in myth and legend – but our bodies really do not like it sometimes. There’s sweat – sometimes tears – and more than anything, that dreaded chafing of the skin. It’s red, it’s sore and it’s the last thing we need right now, to be honest.

So here are some hacks to avoid it altogether – and all these products can be found online or on Amazon.

1. There’s Actually A Supermarket Cream That Can Solve All Your Chafing Worries – And It’s Only 87p!

As the name suggests, Asda’s liquid talc is the cream alternative to traditional talcum powder – and while it’s marketed for babies, it’s the perfect solution to preventing chafing, and even under-boob sweat (so it’s the answer to all your Summer problems, basically).

Step aside, babies, because the adults need the liquid talc over here, stat.

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