By Kirsty Bachor

2nd May 2019

There’s nothing more stressful than watching the latest episode of the hit HBO show – you’re constantly scanning the background, the foreground, the sideground… any ground to check that your favourite character isn’t lying dead. By the end of the episode you’re exhausted, and probably all ugly-cried out.

And nothing could be truer of episode 3 of the latest season, the moment we finally see the Battle of Winterfell (as much as you could make out in the darkness, anyway).

But there’s plenty you may have missed when there is so much you have to concentrate on, so let’s backtrack and take a look at certain info.

And what do we say to people who give Game of Thrones spoilers?

“Not today”.

So this is your official spoiler warning: if you haven’t seen the latest episode… well, why haven’t you?!

1. The Move Arya Pulled With Her Knife To Kill The Night King Has Actually Been Seen Before When Fighting Brienne

It may have seemed like an awesome bit of improvisation in the moment (and what an epic moment it was) but Arya has actually used that move before.

Remember when she was practising with Brienne in the courtyard of Winterfell? The little warrior got the upper hand – literally – over our favourite tall Blonde with the same sleight of hand trick.

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