By Nick

9th April 2019

Initially known as Good Morning, Miss Bliss, the Bayside-set Saved by the Bell would go on to become a staple of so many childhoods as we all tuned in to see what shenanigans Zack Morris and his pals would get up to in each and every episode.

With the show having come an end in 1992 after a total of 86 episodes, let’s find out what the stars of the series have been up to since those Bayside days…

10. Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) – THEN

In Saved by the Bell, Elizabeth Berkley played the all-American sweetheart, Jessie Spano. But since then?

*Sigh* Showgirls, eh?

Clearly looking to step away from the kid-friendly role of Jessie Spano, Elizabeth Berkley’s would go on to star in Showgirls just 3 years after Saved by the Bell was canned. And boy, what an awful movie that was! As naked Berkley writhed around with Kyle MacLachlan in a swimming pool, audiences awkwardly winced at what they saw.

Showgirls would win a slew of Razzie Awards and is still to this day viewed as one of the most awful movies ever made. Since then, Elizabeth Berkley has been reduced to TV movies or the occasional guest appearances on TV shows.

Since 2003, Berkley has been married to Greg Lauren – nephew of a certain Ralph Lauren – and the pair have a son together.

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