By Emma Moylan

11th April 2019

The mid noughties wasn’t a time period; it was a feeling. And Zoey 101 was a MAJOR part of that. But when it was cancelled after 4 seasons, to say we were heartbroken would be an absolute understatement… we had more emotions than the second act of a rom-com!

Now 10 years after the show finished *sob* what does Jamie Lynn Spears (and her baby) look like now? And for that matter, what about the rest of the cast! Once we’ve seen Zoe we’re going through all the other characters in the show and just what they’re up to now!

2005 (AGED 14): Grabbing A Drink With Her Big Sis

Grabbing a Starbs in 2005, here she is with her big sis Brit. Did you know that there’s actually a 10-year age gap between the two AND they have a brother called Bryan.


At this point, we can see the family resemblance but they do look pretty different. LOVE Jamie’s natural dark hair. Then we saw her make her debut in the acting world as she bust on to the¬†Nickelodeon¬†scene.

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