By Nick

9th April 2019

We call this film the edgier sister of Mary Poppins. It’s not as sweet but its saltiness and dark disciplining of children is what made it such a hit. If you muted the entire film and watched it in silence, you’d just know it was British. It’s just one of those things, don’t question us!

What have the cast of Nanny McPhee been up to since causing chaos on our screens back in the day?

Mr. Green (Ewan McGregor) – THEN

Ewan McGregor (Mr. Green) – NOW

To date his most iconic character is Trainspotting‘s Mark Renton and fans of the hit ’90s film were certainly glad when he reprised his role back in 2017.

It was recently announced that the actor will be portraying Black Mask in the 2020 sequel of Suicide Squad!

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